The new photo suggests that Princess Latifah is alive. This is the first sighting of a Dubai princess since the appearance of a video claiming she was held hostage.


Princess Latifah

Princess Latifah tried to escape from Dubai, but was captured and returned to her father.

  • A photo of Princess Latifah at the Dubai Mall suggests she’s alive, Sky News reported.

  • This is her first sighting since the release of a video she claimed that her family was taking her hostage.

  • Last month, a UN spokesperson said the UAE was unable to provide compelling evidence that she was still alive.

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A photo of Princess Latifah Bint Mohammed al-McTum, the daughter of Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-McTum, seems to show that she is alive. Sky news.

This is the first sighting since the BBC Panorama released a video claiming that the princess of Dubai had been held hostage against her will in a “villa prison” that was constantly under police surveillance. Insider Julie Garstein report.

It’s also the first time Princess Latifah has been seen in public since late 2018. Parents Said.

There are concerns in the international community that Princess Latifah has died, and her family claims to have repeatedly argued. In April, UN spokesman Marta Hartado said Said The United Arab Emirates failed to provide compelling evidence that she was still alive.

However, the images taken by Sky News appear to have been taken at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai at some point during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The photo posted on Instagram two days ago includes a face mask on the table. This suggests that the images have been taken since the outbreak of the coronavirus, Sky News said.

David Haigh, co-founder of the FreeLatifa campaign and Detained International, told the media:

“I have no intention of commenting further at this stage. More statements will be issued at the appropriate time.”

Princess Latifah became a hot topic all over the world when the BBC released a secretly recorded video.

In 2018, the Emirati royal family was unable to escape Dubai after claiming that his father was the “most evil person” he had ever met. Insider reported earlier..

She was arrested and sentenced to three and a half years in prison. In a February video, the princess claimed she was protected by police officers, unable to leave the house, and held “hostage” by her family.

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