The new plant “Tuna Meat” will be served in 2022

Finless Foods plant-based tuna

Finless Foods plant-based tuna

Alternative meats made from plants are not new. Common ones include “burgers”, “pork”, and “chicken nuggets.”A family named Finless Foods Company announced that it would bring plant “tuna meat”, which is currently 2022Can be put on shelves in the restaurant. Finless said that the development of this alternative fish meat is to imitate the tuna meat used in sushi, and it can also be marinated and then eaten with Hawaiian rice poke.

According to Finless, substituting tuna meat will allow some friends who are sensitive to fish, health considerations or otherwise unable to eat fish, can taste the taste of tuna.At the same time, tuna is mainly obtained through hunting, and the number has been reduced by more than 60% in the past 50 years. In addition, extreme weather will also bring marine ecology.influences, To reduce the catch, so there are also environmental considerations in it.

Fish-themed substitutes for meat are also available on the market. A company called Ocean Hugger Foods has launched a plant-based “Tuna meat“with”Freshwater eel“, now in the U.S.restaurantAnd fresh supermarket Whole Foods Put on the shelf. I hope that after one more choice, it will promote the results of research and development, and bring more like real instead of fish.

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