The new Sony PS5 has a lighter radiator, but is this a good thing?


Sony PS5


Sony quietly updated their PS5 without a disc version, with a lighter and more easily replaceable base screw design.However, after YouTuber Austin Evans disassembled the phonediscover, This new version turned out to be “The Devil is in the Details”, because he found that the reason for the reduced weight was that Sony replaced it with a thinner, seemingly cheaper radiator, and the body temperature has also increased! So the price seems to be a lot.

Another change is that the screws of the PS5 base are replaced by hand screws that are easier to assemble and disassemble by hand. The Wi-Fi chip inside is also different, but it is unknown whether it will affect the wireless connection.

Sony did not have any introduction to this new version of PS5, so the following are all speculations by Austin Evans. The new version of the PS5 console has been changed to reduce costs. At the same time, Sony has learned that the temperature of the console has room for upwards during the “actual measurement” in the past few months.The next thing is to respond to Sony’s report to investors in the first quarter of 2021Mentioned PS5 will not be sold at a loss. This may be because the design of the console will slowly adjust like this.