The new system draws water from thin air

The military may not be considered a hub of innovation, but having the head of the Air Force’s “Civil Aviation College” with an ingenious pilot may only draw water from the thin air.

And now, as retired Lieutenant General Stephen Quast and his former adjutant David Stackenberg did just that, they soon produced the first self-powered water makers in Washington, the country, and the world. It is becoming a topic to do.

Using new technology that mimics the way Mother Earth makes water, Genesis system WaterCube is set to debut next month and promises to deliver water almost anywhere, including in the desert.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, one of the system’s champions, told Secret that “the large-scale production of the Genesis system at a sustainable price would revolutionize access to water.” “This can be a historic breakthrough, as all water scarcity is occurring in California,” he added.

With his wife Shannon as president of Genesis, Stackenberg and his team have raised $ 9.5 million for development.

Orders have already flooded from California’s Barrel House Brewing to the Alabama Air National Guard to the Port of San Diego. Ultimately, they plan to have a version of the house.

That’s a big deal. Stuckenberg, NASA rocket scientist Phil Samral, said: I helped with that and am entitled to say this. And the Air Force Chief Innovation Officer approved it.

Stuckenberg said he first came up with the idea in 2016 while flying over water-scarce Afghanistan. Over the next few years, he held several important positions to identify the importance and cost of moving water.

Then, in 2019, I participated in a military exercise using water as a weapon of war. “When used this way, water and lack of water can affect many people. [weapon of mass destruction], “He said, but he added that” exactly zero “study on producing it was done. “Water has always been taken for granted,” Stuckenberg said.

He remembered talking to Quast about his thoughts during the flight with him. “I remember him getting quiet. At first I thought he was upset. But I now map him to a water-scarce future and what it looks like. I know you are, “said Stuckenberg.

For Quast, the possibility of making water was personal. He grew up in Cameroon and said that many of the children he knew have now died from lack of clean water. He now sees a solution to that and the greater crisis that about 6,000 children die each day due to bad or no water.

He said Genesis kept development secret for several years. This is because it’s easier to show how it works than to describe the process of using nanofluids to “sponge” and then “tickle” water from the air. Energy to dry it and start over.

“It’s like the Wright brothers trying to tell people that they can get something heavier than an air fly. They think you’re crazy until you make it,” Water said. Quast said he was also worried about whiplashing enemies such as bottlers.

He and Stuckenbergs are now serving a glass of water from a truck-sized WaterCube at Tampa headquarters, adding healthy electrolytes for the September 14th open house.

“Please come down to taste,” Kwast urged.

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