The new trailer of “The Soul of Tsushima Director’s Cut” introduces you to the chapter of Iki Island

Tsushima War Ghost Director's Cut Version

Sucker Punch Productions

To promote the upcoming “Tsima Island Soul Director’s Cut Edition” in August, Sony and Sucker Punch have announced a new trailer. In this short film, the official introduced the newly added chapter of Iki Island. The protagonist Jing Jin learned that the Mongolian tribe led by the shaman Ankhsar Khatun haunted the island, and “Khatun is not only the conqueror of the country, but also the guardian of the soul.” The threat she poses to Ren and her people is “unprecedented.

Iki Island is known as “an impossible place where thugs and criminals run rampant”, and it has not been under the control of samurai for decades. Here Ren will encounter pirates, criminals and “mad monks”, and needs to go to haunted caves to learn new skills. In addition, in the “Director’s Cut Edition”, players can further see Ren’s past with back pain. “After experiencing what happened in the past year, we want to tell a healing story.” Sucker Punch senior screenwriter Patrick Downs saidOfficial blog“This will be a unique and exciting challenge for Jen,” wrote in.

Weibo video:

At present, “Tsima Island Soul Director’s Cut Edition” has been pre-sold, and its prices on PS4 and PS5 are 60 and 70 US dollars, respectively. It costs US$20 to upgrade the original PS4 to the PS4 Director’s Edition. If it is the PS5 Director’s Edition, it will cost US$30. In addition, the price of the PS4 Director’s Edition to the PS5 Director’s Edition is US$10. All pre-order players can directly obtain the qualification to download the original PS4 version. After the director’s version is officially opened on August 20, the save can be transferred to inherit the game progress.