The new US airline has a $ 19 fare, a $ 10 check bag and jumps out of a small airport. Meet Avelo Airlines.

The last time a new airline took off in the United States, US Airways and Continental Airlines were still flying and baggage charges were not an issue.

It was 2007 and the airline Virgin America..

Fast forward in 2021: Virgin America is gone, Acquired by Alaska Airlines In 2016, after the merger of American Airlines and United Airlines, so did US Airways and Continental Airlines.

Andrew Levy, former CEO of Allegiant and United, said the change gave travelers less choice.

“The number of airlines on the market was very small. I think the choice is always good,” he said.

Join the startup airline Levy in 2015 and join Avero Airlines, which launched in Southern California on Wednesday. First flight: From Burbank’s Hollywood Burbank Airport to Santa Rosa, California, the gateway to the Wine Country in Northern California.

Abero, which means bird (ave) in Spanish and swift (velo) in Latin, aims to be a “softer, gentler, more friendly” low-cost carrier, Levy said.

Airlines are focusing on small, non-competitive airports and routes, or at least routes that were not competing when the airline announced its first flight. Alaska Airlines then added Burbank-Santa Rosa.

Like its former airline Allegiant and its fellow discounter Frontier and Spirit, Avelo offers cheap fares, charging extra for seat allocation, carry-on baggage and check bags. ..

“You pay for what you care about,” he said.

Due to the pandemic, the launch of Avelo was delayed by about 6 months.Airline investors never expressed it, but Levy admits that there was probably doubt about the wisdom of starting an airline when there was a trip Thinning out..

“I think some people thought,’Man, this is no longer a good idea,'” he said. … everyone is making money. Consistent profitability is the 10th consecutive year. “

However, there was a positive side to the pandemic. Airport space has been freed up and planes and parts have become significantly cheaper. Levy estimates that Avelo paid one-third of the pre-pandemic charges for the two recent aircraft, saving millions of dollars.

“That’s why I feel really good about this,” he said.

Avelo Airlines entered service on April 28 on its first flight from Hollywood Burbank Airport to Santa Rosa, California.

Avelo Airlines entered service on April 28 on its first flight from Hollywood Burbank Airport to Santa Rosa, California.

Avero Airlines: 5 Things Travelers Should Know

► ►It starts small and is on the west coast.. Avero currently operates three Boeing 737-800 and 11 direct flights from Hollywood Burbank Airport in the Greater Los Angeles area to smaller airports in the western United States, including Bozeman, Montana.Eugene, Oregon; and Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport The suburbs of Phoenix. We are planning eight planes by the end of the year.

► ►Tickets are only sold through the airline..Book with an airline website.. However, if you need to call the booking center, unlike many other airlines, you will not be charged a booking fee.

► ►Checked baggage charges are at least $ 10 initially, which is cheaper than carry-on baggage charges... Tolls for major airlines range from $ 30 to $ 35 for the first check bag.

► ►No in-flight Wi-Fi The first flight is less than 2 hours. The airline is waiting for new technology before deciding whether to offer it on future flights, Levy said.

► ►Food and beverage services are restricted due to a pandemic.. Travelers receive bottled water and light meals. In-flight sales (all packages) and drinks will be added in the future.

This article was originally published in USA TODAY: Avelo Airlines Routes, Fares, Baggage Fees: What You Need to Know About Flights

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