The New York Times quietly removes Hunter Biden’s laptop story claiming to be “unfounded”

NSThe New York Times quietly deleted it Assertion Joe Biden’s son Hunter’s October article on the New York Post’s commerce was “groundless.” In the reworked report, Outlet reported on the Federal Election Commission’s decision: Dismissal Republican complaints alleging that Twitter violated election law by blocking users from sharing stories during the 2020 elections.

When the New York Times posted a report early Monday afternoon, it said: Son Hunter Biden. “

NS Tweet From the main account of the outlet you started Trends on TwitterSimilarly, the New York Post article was called an “unfounded article.” Similarly, Shane Goldmach, a national political reporter for the New York Times, who wrote the first draft. Called it “Unfounded”

Neither tweet was deleted as of Monday night, but the New York Times article was deleted. changed No editor notes that occur in the media business. But this article stands out. The rewrite was considerable, and the original version caused a thorough scrutiny and repulsion of the word’s choice.

Published hours after technology reporter Kate Conger was added to the byline, the new version removed “unfounded” claims and other important details from the story.Without previously taken screenshots, it may have been difficult to track the full version of the original report as the original URL Redirect to a new one..

“Twitter simply decided last fall to block users from posting links to articles about Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s son Hunter,” the revised report said.

Merriam-Webster dictionary Define The word “unfounded” is the word “unfounded in reason or fact” that was not lost to frustrated Republicans who opposed the New York Times on Monday. About Hunter Biden before and after the 2020 elections.

“It wasn’t’groundless’,” said conservative radio host Dana Resch. Said in a tweet.. “Catering the media to Bidens is a physical contribution.”

Republican National Committee spokeswoman Emma Bourne said Monday that the group was “considering options to appeal this disappointing decision from the FEC.” October Complaints The Republican National Committee argues that: “Through an ad hoc and partisan crackdown on the media criticizing Biden [Twitter] We provide unprecedented media services for Joe Biden’s campaign, making in-kind donations to illegal businesses. “

The publication received a copy of what appears to be Hunter Biden’s laptop and hard drive from Rudy Giuliani, according to a New York Post report on the issue published in October. Giuliani, then a private lawyer for former President Donald Trump, claimed to have obtained a hard drive from John Paul Makizak’s computer shop in Delaware.

The shopkeeper said he also provided a copy to the FBI after Hunter Biden left the FBI for repairs in April 2019. Hunter Biden does not deny that it is his hardware.

Former Intel official over a letter claiming Russia’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s laptop saga

Outlet reported that email showed evidence of possibility Encounter with Hunter Biden, his My father, who was the Vice President at the time, And Vadim Pozarski, an adviser to Burisma Holdings, was denied by Elder Biden, as stated in the report.

The newspaper also details Hunter Biden’s financial transactions Shady Chinese businessman.. Hunter Biden served on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company, from 2014 to 2019.

When the New York Post tries to post an article twitter Accounts and social media companies allegedly violated the rules for sharing “hacked” material. actually, Limited users on Twitter and Facebook From sharing it for a while.

Daily Mail earlier this year report The displayed email Hunter biden Dinner will be held at Georgetown’s Café Milano in April 2015 with a guest list featuring several international figures, including Pozharskyi.

An email from Hunter Biden in March 2017 said about dinner, “My dad is there, but please keep doing that for now.”

The hunter also wrote an email on March 20, 2015 about the guest list, including the guest list for “Vadym”.

Pozharskyi sent an email to Hunter Biden on April 17, 2015, stating: [sic] For a while together. “

The White House is a Washington Examiner question In June, whether the current President Joe Biden attended the dinner.

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign denied that the meeting was based on “the official schedule of Biden at the time.”However, the former senior adviser will later Concessions“It is technically possible that Pozharskyi would have approached Biden as a bystander of some broader US and Ukrainian events.”

Amos Hochstein, Joe Biden’s longtime adviser on the Ukrainian affair, Insisted The meeting was “never” held.

Despite not providing evidence Joe Biden Much of the 2020 campaign and media talk about laptops in October Russia Disinformation manipulation. However, then Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said laptops were not Russian intelligence.

Concerns about Hunter biden Multiple outlets received widespread attention in late 2020 after he reported that he was being investigated by the federal government in connection with his taxes and was potentially related to him. Foreign operation When China And other countries.Biden said in April that he was “fully cooperating” with the investigation, he said. “100% certainty” He is free from cheating.

Joe BidenSon went to Media Blitz to promote him biography, Beautiful Things, in the meantime he admitted that the laptop could be his. However, he did not remember and said that it could have been stolen, hacked, or involved by Russian intelligence, without providing evidence.Forensic analysis of laptop email Reportedly “We found no evidence that the timestamp or data was modified or manufactured,” he concluded.

Several media outlets reported on Monday that the New York Times used the term “unfounded.”

NS Website The MSNBC Rachel Maddow show website directly quotes an article from The New York Times, calling the work “unfounded.”And the Lawfare blog I have written According to the New York Times, FEC “dismissed Republican accusations that users illegally blocked Twitter from posting links to unfounded New York Post articles about Hunter Biden.” Both outlets are linked to the original article and do not include the cited language.

The updated version of the New York Times article also removed the following section from the original article: “The FEC document reveals one of the reasons Twitter was particularly suspicious of Hunter Biden’s article. According to the FEC, the company’s site integrity officer said Twitter would be from federal law enforcement agencies throughout 2020. , Said that “malicious state officials” could hack and publish material related to political campaigns and received official warnings that Hunter Biden could be targeted. Such an operation. “There is no information that Twitter has coordinated its decision with the Biden campaign,” the FEC said. According to a FEC document, Twitter’s U.S. public policy officer said in a statement of oath that he was unaware of contact with the Biden team before the company made the decision.

The FEC decision itself was made last month and has not been announced as of Monday night.

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The day after Twitter I was blocked Mid-October article on the New York Post about Hunter Biden, Twitter CEO and Jack Dorsey Tweet“The straight blocking of the URL was wrong, so I updated and fixed the policy and enforcement. The goal was to try to add context, and now I have the ability to do that.”

Twitter continued to lock the New York Post’s Twitter account and insisted that the outlet delete the Biden story tweets, even though it didn’t seem to violate Twitter’s policies. Two weeks later, the New York Post Tweet “Freebird” newspaper headlines and outlets celebrate“Twitter retreated in the fight against The Post on Friday and unlocked its main account after a two-week stalemate over Hunter Biden’s exposure.”

Dorsey testimony About the controversy before the Senate Judiciary Committee in November after Biden defeated Trump.

“Without using other evidence, we quickly interpreted the content of the article as being obtained by hacking and, in accordance with our policy, prevented their spread,” said Dorsey. I made a mistake and fixed it within 24 hours. “

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