The newly disclosed CIA memo reveals the role of the U.S. hidden high-ranking Nazis in the Holocaust, so he could serve as an asset to the Cold War.

In the years following World War II, the United States and West Germany worked together to conceal the role of high-ranking Nazi officials deporting tens of thousands of Jews. The newly disclosed intelligence records obtained by the German Public Broadcasting Federation are: Around New York Times..

Franz Josef Huber headed most of the Gestapo (Adolf Hitler’s secret police) throughout Austria, and his army worked closely with Adolf Eichmann on coordinating deportation to Jewish concentration camps and extermination camps. I cooperated. Eichmann was famously tried and executed in Israel in 1962 for his role in the Holocaust, but Hoover fought after being arrested by the U.S. military in 1945. did. He was released in 1948 and lived his days in Munich. , He seems to have completely avoided liability as he was considered a potential Cold War asset.

For example, the CIA believed it could help him recruit Soviet agents. As a note from 1953 readingThe agency was “never aware of the dangers associated with playing with General Gestapo,” but “based on the information we currently have, Hoover may be used beneficially by this organization. I believe. ” West German intelligence agency BND provided him with a cover story, and it took 20 years for authorities to decide that “they can no longer tolerate connections.” Include Times writing..

Hoover’s story may stand out because of his important position in the Third Reich, but Professor Shlomo Spiro of Bar-Ilan University in Israel. Explanation “Western intelligence struggled to recruit credible anti-communist contacts,” meant that they often ignored the background of potential assets. “Many former Nazis have taken advantage of the new communist threat to secure both exemptions from war crimes prosecution and high salaries from US and West German intelligence,” he said. more New York Times..

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