The newly hired BBC journalist was told by parliamentarians to lobby and protest transgender rights.


The lobby group has used its influence to lobby politicians on transgender and non-binary issues and to participate in opposition movements in a way that is incompatible with its rigorous historical equity guidelines. Training new BBC journalists.

On June 15th, BBC Radio Ulster presenter Stephen Nolan said: Talked anonymously A junior journalist was given a training session on how “allies” should use their “magical powers” and influence them to “affect people’s transgender rights.” BBC insider who told me.

The Epoch Times could not independently confirm what the BBC Insider said.

The BBC is primarily funded by license fees and has historically aimed to achieve legitimate fairness in all its achievements.

Nolan said the BBC began training earlier this week, saying, “Trainees from new staff who have just joined the organization are told by politicians to lobby and protest transgender and non-binary rights. Was told. “

“During that session, we were given many different points about how our allies could use their influence to influence people’s transgender rights, and slides. One of them was headlined “using the magical power of being an ally,” said the insider.

“And only down that slide did I realize that I was talking about using influence on politicians to influence change. This is the main point politicians were trying to convey. It was a kind of, “he added.

He added that they had a slide that was a group of people who looked like protests, “and said they weren’t afraid to protest.” He added that no one mentioned the fairness guidelines at any point in the training.

“The staff are journalists, not protesters,” Nolan said. “And if the BBC staff are said to be lobbyists, how fair your news is to these new and impressive young trainees who are said to be lobbyists at the beginning of the BBC’s career. Is it? “

The Global Butterflies site is currently down and “I’ll be back soon. Thank you for your patience!”

however, Archive version The site states that it was founded in 2015 by Rachel Reese.

“The Global Butterfly was created to make business departments aware of transgender and non-binary issues. By working closely with companies, our hope is for organizations to behave and behave in a transfovic manner. It’s about helping organizations adopt a zero-tolerance approach and at the same time helping organizations become more inclusive of their culture. “

Last year, Nolan’s podcast, Nolan Investigates, examined the impact of LGBT organizations on public institutions across the UK, including Stonewall’s own workplace, the BBC.

He said Last year’s Times of London His colleague warned him of reporting on transgender topics, saying that “it could hurt his career and threaten his safety.”

At the show, Nolan read a BBC statement acknowledging the course, stating that it was voluntary and contained general training material provided by a third party, but “The BBC’s editorial guidelines are sacred. And our staff knows this and understands their responsibilities. “

Daily mail report “The slide in question was not previously included and will be removed in a future session,” the BBC said.

The Epoch Times did not receive a response to the BBC’s request for comment by the time it was published.

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