The newly launched Chrome 90 will load HTTPS webpages first


ANKARA, TURKEY-SEPTEMBER 02: Logo of Google Chrome is seen on a screen in Ankara, Turkey on September 02, 2018. (Photo by Gokhan Balci/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

In March, Google said that Chrome 90 At the beginning of this version, more secure HTTPS web pages will be loaded first. Today, the corresponding desktop and Android versions are finally officially launched (iOS has to wait a bit). After the update, when the user enters the URL in the browser, the browser will preferentially be directed to the encrypted HTTPS link, which can effectively prevent man-in-the-middle hijacking and improve the security when browsing the web.

In addition to this change, the desktop version of Chrome 90 also introduced the AV1 open source video encoder for the first time, and said it was “specially optimized for video conferencing.” In addition, the new version also has a window naming function, allowing users to rename multiple windows when they are open, so that they can be found or distinguished more easily. Of course, regular bug catching is also indispensable, and the new version is estimated to also fix some of the problems found in the latest Pwn2Own hacking contest.