The newly signed Georgia bill will make daylight savings time permanent, so criminals “have an hour less time to commit crimes at night,” officials said.

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Tucker Carlson cannot be canceled

Fox News host Tucker Carlson doesn’t go anywhere. Given the sudden and strange laughter on the air, you might expect him to be like he was able to air him for some time during the “Dean Scream” era. Alternatively, you might think that much younger Carlson resigns from a college yearbook image that appears to be making an inner joke about the assassination of San Francisco Mayor George McConne and director Harvey Milk. The latter was the first openly gay choice in California. official. You will be wrong. We are in a culturally strange space, publicly embarrassing, and there is something that was once called a “guf.” The concept is quite abused, but I think there is something real about the responsibility for “cultural cancellation”. Still, the threat is “most effective against those who are still rising in their field,” as New York Times columnist Ross Douzat observed in ten treatises on this subject. Threats are becoming increasingly empty, especially for those who have reached the top of politics. Indeed, in that elite realm (obviously including Carlson), for all his railings against the elite, we are willing to do something other than tattoo the Nazi symbol on your face on live TV. I’m rapidly approaching the point where I’m not disqualified for those who can ignore it I hate it for weeks or months. Memories are short. Forced resignation is not like it used to be. Now you can refuse to feel embarrassed and continue the track. Former President Donald Trump was a big part of this shift, and so is the Democratic government. Ralph Northam (Virginia) and Andrew Cuomo (New York) categorically refused to resign after a major public scandal. Carlson, who had the highest-rated program in cable news history last year and is rumored to be a Republican candidate for 2024 (he denies interest), will do the same. The playbook is very simple. He is already using it, just like the scandals of the past. When the lead author of his show was found writing a pseudonym racist post online and resigned, Carlson took a vacation saying he was a “long-term plan” and then simply I moved from the subject. This month he doubled with network support after launching a policy of advocating “exchange theory.” This is just an opposition survey, and he tells fans of the yearbook. Our shared enemies are attacking me because I’m telling the truth and they hate you. It’s all a tribe. It’s all dishonest. It’s all a game. It’s all irrelevant. And that will be the case. More Stories from Cruel Funny Cartoons About COVI Anti-vaxxers Seven Cartoons About Derek Chauvin’s Conviction Racial Justice Has a Goldilocks Problem

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