The next-generation iPhone may be able to make satellite calls


Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max


After 5G, what new ways can the iPhone play in communication technology?according to 9to5Mac To quote Guo Mingchi, satellite phone may be the direction. According to the famous analyst, the next-generation iPhone will support low-orbit phones and messaging, allowing users to continue to communicate in remote areas without base stations, without the need for a dedicated satellite phone.

In order to add related support, it is said that the iPhone will be equipped with a modified Qualcomm X60 modem, but it is unknown whether the support on the application will be limited.

According to the news quoted by Bloomberg in 2019, Apple is developing satellite communication technology, and it is expected that products will be available within 5 years. However, it has only been two years since then, so I believe that the iPhone 13 that will be launched this year may not necessarily be there. Next comes the support of operators. Satellite communication is a service that only has supply and demand for special applications, so the price will certainly not be cheap. Therefore, how to make this function useful in the face of mainstream iPhone is also a question mark.

But if there is any, the next time Dashi Johnson (how could he say yes again) will end up in a jungle adventure, he can take out his iPhone and ask for help.