The Northern Territory vaccine pass is used in licensed locations, not in non-licensed locations.The company asks why

The Northern Territory’s licensed hospitality facilities are trying to clarify why the new vaccine pass obligations apply to them, but not to non-licensed facilities.

The Vaccine Pass, announced by the Territory Government on Monday, requires patrons to present their vaccination proof before entering pubs, clubs, casinos and restaurants with a liquor license.

However, this rule does not apply to cafes and unlicensed restaurants, and some licensed hospitality companies question what role alcohol consumption plays in increasing the risk of COVID-19 infection. Some people see it.

One such business is Dom’s Bar & Lounge, and its owner, Dom Wundke, said the discrepancy between licensed and unlicensed is meaningless. NT News reported..

“There is no logical explanation of health behind these decisions, which makes me think it’s for political reasons, not for health reasons,” Wundke said.

The shortage of staff has already affected the industry, and the venue will have an additional role to crack down on the vaccine path system, which will further hurt the industry, he said.

“We need more support,” Wundke said.

“You can go and play contact sports, but you can’t go to pubs after that. How does that make sense?”

When asked at a press conference on Tuesday about the logic behind the licensed but unlicensed venue, Deputy Prime Minister Nicole Manison said the territorial government believed that alcohol was the decisive difference. Stated.

“In any situation, adding alcohol generally increases the potential for risk and shows how people interact with each other,” she said.

The Epoch Times asked Northern Territory Health for comment, but did not respond at the time of publication.

Called the World Health Organization Fact Sheet from 2020 “Alcohol and COVID-19: What You Need to Know”Supports Minister Manison’s comments in the section discussing the effects of alcohol on physical distance capacity.

“Bars, casinos, nightclubs, restaurants and other places where people get together and consume alcohol
Increases the risk of virus transmission (including at home). “

The fact sheet also emphasizes the impact of alcohol on people’s thoughts, judgments, decisions, and actions.

During that time, unvaccinated territories will not be able to enter the licensed facility under the new instructions.

In a comment on Tuesday, Prime Minister Michael Gunner sought to keep Territrian’s reaction to the new vaccine path away from the hospitality staff executing the order.

“It’s not our hospitality facility that’s responsible for this law, we do,” Gunner said.

“Don’t blame them. Blame me.”

Steve Milne