The number of infected Texas lawmakers fleeing the state increases to five

Washington (AP) — Two more Texas lawmakers who left the state to thwart efforts to pass new voting restrictions tested positive for the coronavirus and the number of infected delegations Was increased to 5 people.

San Antonio’s Congressman Tray Martinez Fisher said in a statement on Sunday that he was positive on the test. “I’m grateful that I’ve been quarantining until the test results are negative and I’ve only experienced very mild symptoms,” he said.

Those familiar with the delegation said the number of infected members had increased to five. The person was not allowed to discuss the matter and demanded anonymity.

More than 50 Texas lawmakers visited Washington on a private charter flight on Monday. Officials at the caucuses said they were all vaccinated. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that “breakthrough” infections (infection of vaccinated people) are rare.

Republicans and others criticized lawmakers for traveling without masks after the photo showed them on a plane without masks. However, federal pandemic guidelines do not require you to wear a mask on your private plane.

Vice President Kamala Harris, who met with members of the Texas delegation last week, went to Walter Reed Military Hospital for regular doctor appointments, according to White House officials. No other information was released and the White House did not answer questions about Harris’ visit.

Harris spokesman said on Saturday after some lawmakers tested positive for the virus, Harris and her staff were not in close contact with those who tested positive, so there is no risk of exposure. Harris and her staff added that they were completely vaccinated.

The Democratic Party fled the state to reject the quorum required for the Republican-controlled state legislature to pass the voting law.

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