The nurse thought she won $ 600 in the NC lottery.That is, until she cashes it

When a North Carolina nurse drove to Raleigh’s lottery headquarters and cashed her tickets, she didn’t expect to be transporting such valuable cargo.

$ 2 ticket that Nikita Adeogun has Would be worth it $ 113,715, according to lottery officials.

Adeogun said she was completely surprised.

“I thought it was $ 600 or $ 700,” she told a lottery official.

According to lottery officials, Dan residents bought 10 times more cash tickets from Food Lion on East Cumberland Street. The clerk told Adeogun that she needed to visit Raleigh’s headquarters about 40 miles from where she lived to cash her prize money.

When Adeogun arrived at headquarters, she learned that she had won the jackpot.

“My heart just stopped,” she said. “I am very grateful.”

She took $ 80,750 home after tax.

According to the North Carolina Education Lottery, the odds of winning a fast play jackpot are 1 in 240,000.

Adeogun told lottery officials that he would use the money to pay the invoice.

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