The old man eats once a day after a San Francisco truck kills his working wife

A 73-year-old Asian man is barely rubbing after a San Francisco city truck attacked and killed his wife earlier this year.

what happened: Rui Xia Zhen, 67, the only earner in the family, died after being injured in the Tenderloin incident on March 1.

  • Jen was in the process of caring for another elderly person-a job she had for 10 years-when something unfortunate happened around 7:25 am

  • Surveillance footage shows that a public works agency (DPW) pickup truck struck her as she crossed Geary Street after leaving her hometown of Walgreens.

  • According to the report, a 67-year-old woman suffered a life-threatening injury and was taken to San Francisco General Hospital, where she later died. SF Weekly..

Left behind: 41-year-old Jen’s husband, Colin Huang, has been struggling since the tragic incident.

  • The couple married in 1978 and moved to San Francisco in 2004.

  • A 73-year-old woman lives on a $ 434 retirement check each month, eating a glass of oatmeal in the morning and rice in the afternoon.

  • “I had a very nice family. Now it’s falling apart. That’s the problem,” Fang said. Mission local“And I’m in my 70s. I don’t know my future.”

City response: San Francisco is reportedly willing to take responsibility for the purpose of the settlement, but does not agree to admit it in court.

  • A forensic economics report by Robert W. Johnson and Associates estimates that if Fang lives to be 85, Jen’s lost income is $ 1.65 million.

  • Joseph Breall told Mission Local that he started a settlement request for $ 6 million and then fell to $ 2 million, but the city went up to $ 950,000.

  • A city lawyer spokesman, John Kote, said there was a “productive debate” and he hoped that “a good solution could be reached.”

Fang is waiting for a trial next summer. For now, he is at home with his son Ray. Ray quit his job in New Jersey during this time to support his father.

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