The only reasonable response to the tracker’s Freedom Convoy


Anyone who serves the general public will learn how to manage an upset customer.

Don’t claim when someone says you hurt them. listen. apology.

When people get angry, upset, or have a broken heart, they have to be silent. Provide support.

There is no other rational response.

Of course, there are limits to what you can hear. Intimidation, yelling, or taunting should end the conversation with the help of security as needed.

Freedom Convoy 2022

Doctors and nurses deal with upset people every day. Even if you don’t like or appreciate the content, there is room for expression and sadness. We accept expressions and limit inappropriate behavior.

Politicians and journalists need to do the same with truck driver Freedom Convoy.

There is only one rational response. It is to help people speak.

Promote peaceful protests. Listen to them.

Be prepared to limit bad behavior — work as needed.

Win or lose — you choose your own destiny

The only way to win moral heights in the face of protests and complaints is to help the victim.

If the victim refuses to help, you win.

If they refuse to talk or negotiate, you win.

If they become violent or irrational, you win.

You lose if you attack the victim. You will be a combatant, not a leader.

If you soothe the suffering party, you lose.

If you try to twist their message, you lose.

If you insist, you lose.

If you refuse to meet and talk to them, you lose.

Let them talk. Even better, help them speak! Amplify their message.

If they speak nonsense, it will strengthen your position with a larger audience.

When protesters tell the truth, you help reveal the truth and win your own mind-changing support in the process.

You win either way.

The strength of your argument and the correctness of your position are not as important as your reaction.

If you attack, slander, dismiss, or silence an enemy: you. Will. lose.

Power will be your only option left, and it will be remembered by all. No one remembers the justice of your cause.

Can anyone guide us?

Many Canadian elites have shown unexpected levels of incompetence in response to protests.

The Prime Minister has chosen to attack the truck driver Freedom Convoy 2022. Listening was under him. He overrun instead of showing compassion. He refused to meet. Trudeau only listens to those who like it.

NDP leader Jagmate Singh did the same. Many individual lawmakers cast insults. The media made us dizzy with a spin.

This response leaves you with no winning options.

It doesn’t matter if the upset party has an incident. If you don’t listen, you lose more crowds.

Even if a large crowd leans on your path, you still run the risk of losing its support — your attack creates a minority martyr.

Of course, listen with restrictions. Do not tolerate violence or bad behavior.

But if you refuse to listen and instead foster frustration, more crowds may oppose you if they haven’t done so yet.

Lose the convoy story

The elite may have already lost more crowds.

Thousands of ordinary people went to see the convoy themselves. They find a happy celebration. They sing and dance on the streets, play soccer and hockey. They wave the flag and exchange high fives. People distribute free hot food to every corner.

Close family and friends come back with photos and videos of inspiring patriotic events. I am now receiving dozens or dozens of direct reports from trusted people. This is not a violent protest.

There is only one rational response. In other words, there is only one positive way. I hope the leader will get up and guide us soon.

Sean Watley, MD


Shawn Whatley is a doctor, former president of the Ontario Medical Association, blogger at, and Munk Senior Fellow at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute. He is the author of “No More Lethal Waits,” a guide to reducing waiting time and increasing efficiency in the hospital’s emergency department.