The only way to stop cocaine mitch is to kill the filibuster


Anna Money Maker / Getty Images

Anna Money Maker / Getty Images

Only in a retired, legacy-focused spirit Ron Portman, Practical, back slap hands Chuck Schumer, And nostalgic foggy eyes Joe Biden The $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill is a transpartisan victory.

NS One-time truce Telling the era of the water bottle, Mitch McConnell Reasonable person. That means that wise minority leaders have used Biden’s weaknesses against opposition support to draw concessions that weaken the bill but increase its chances of passing. Now, when McConnell kills everything else, he can dredge the time he delivered his main self and the other 18 as an alibi.

Remember that making things is also a Republican priority, as new exit ramps and bridges to somewhere are as close to apple pie and motherhood as Washington. It was clearly in McConnell’s interest to send honeypot money to the Republican state just before the 2022 elections. Thanksgiving voters can give back by returning the 79-year-old to a majority before it’s too late.

How Mitch McConnell became King of Internet Trolls

Prior to this sympathetic outburst, McConnell was primarily a thorn on Biden’s side. Minority leaders voted against the $ 1,400 third stimulus payment. It was so popular that members trusted the check they voted against when they returned home during spring break.

Now he makes up for not sending checks by sending bridges. But instead of making Republicans bipartisan, it makes them opportunists. If Biden doesn’t hang up to everyone he’s friends with, the infrastructure may have been settled and passed a party vote. The amount allotted will be closer to Sanders’ $ 6 trillion instead of Republican’s $ 1 trillion. This is because it can pass without Sanders.

It doesn’t undermine the brilliance of the first infrastructure bill passed in 30 years, or the Democrats hanging together to the end. Nothing is more concrete than concrete, and pouring millions of cubic yards into a collapsed country is all good. It reassures our allies that the United States is not completely in trouble or under the control of violent mobs who call themselves patriots. The light is on.

But patching apologetic roads or upgrading obsolete railbeds is not a new deal of construction. As any nonpartisan civil engineer with a pencil protector and no ax ax says, this rarely moves the country into the 21st century.

Earlier this year, McConnell was completely thwarted. But his bold pledge to focus 100% of his efforts “on the suspension of this new administration” reduced Biden’s favor, which remained stubbornly high, and McConnell’s favor, which remained melancholy low. I didn’t do anything to raise it.

Will Cocaine Mitch eventually dump Donald?

McConnell softened his approach to calling Biden a “first-class man,” despite being hampered by his “left.” Speaking in Kentucky, he told the audience that he attended Bo’s funeral because he was so close to Biden. He chose Joe as one president who was delighted to be stuck on a deserted island. Imagine a man buttoned like a Brooks Brothers shirt endures a short flight with someone who can’t be quiet. Only Biden may believe it.

All of McConnell’s day’s work miraculously recovered to claim that there was nothing to impeach or investigate here, although he expressed shock to the riots shortly after the Capitol was invaded. He adopted the infrastructure gang of routes. This is a better way than the traditional committee process of warning when a majority adviser is rolled over to a Democrat. Republicans took a slotted spoon to a Democratic stew and scooped up the truffles, which wasn’t bad at all, but then stripped the meat and bones. McConnell rounded up 19 years, including him, with a momentary help, as the cruelty was properly reduced from $ 3 trillion to $ 1 trillion.

Trusting transpartisan for victory when Democrats can pass the bill themselves and Republicans can’t categorically oppose what 62% of Americans wanted. You can not. Republicans blew it off with a stimulus check. They didn’t want to blow it off again by withholding money to repair the buckled highway where weeds were popping out of the crevice.

Biden weakens his hand when he nostalgicly recounts reaching the other side of the aisle he was asked to speak at Strom Thurmond’s funeral. His quest to prove that he can attract Republican “friends” today is useless when most of those friends agree with the lie that he is an illegitimate president.

Bet who will be more successful until the mid-term. Biden, who praised the infamous racist and showed transpartisanism, or McConnell, who forged his show by providing billions of federal funds to its members, laid the foundation for everything else. Say no, for gaining dignified credit in the process?

As a bonus, he opened the scent of sunlight between him and Trump by consolidating his relationship with Brock, a 50-year-old Caucasian man from the Ford 150s who loves a smooth ride on fresh asphalt. The former president blamed McConnell, saying he would never “give the passage of this non-infrastructure bill” or “understand why.”

Adding it to so many things that Trump doesn’t understand, you can see why he yells from Bedminster and McConnell is talking from the Senate well. When looking for “potential areas of consensus,” McConnell explained, “you can’t think of areas better than infrastructure.” And you must never do that.

Biden has to face it: the most partisan minority leader in memory doesn’t want to play better with him than he wants them to share the island.

It took only a few hours for McConnell’s infrastructure vote to return to the south, calling the Democratic Party’s proposed budget “reckless and partisan, taxing and sprinkling spending,” and “Biden saying there is no middle-class tax increase.” Break the president’s promise. ” He also suggested that the United States would vote against the regular increase in debt caps that would lead to default for the first time. Also, he is not dedicated to protecting voting rights.

There is nothing left other than ending the filibuster. Biden was able to fix half of the government’s potholes in one fell swoop. The last person to filibust for a really good reason was Jimmy Stewart, which was in the movie 82 years ago.Most likely Ted Cruz is reading these days Green egg and ham Or some say they are calling for filibuster. If someone needs him, he will participate in a Capitol Grill fundraiser.

The founding fathers wanted a more complete coalition, but planned an incomplete majority vote. They did not enshrine filibuster in the Constitution, it is just a rule that can be changed, like one that prohibits “disturbing others with his speech” by spitting.

For the founder, a majority of one vote was enough. President, I think that’s enough.

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