The overnight storm did not have thousands of electricity.Another storm on the way to KC on Saturday

The storm, which lost thousands of people during the day on Saturday, returns to Kansas City Metro in the evening.

Evergy reported more than 65,000 outages, primarily in Topeka and St. Joseph. As of 3:30 pm on Saturday, most customers have turned it on again, and about 6,000 customers have not yet turned it on. According to Evergy, most people need to regain power by Saturday night.

However, additional storms can cause new outages and delays in power recovery.

Downed lines should be reported to 911 and then 1-800-544-4857 for Evergy Kansas Central and 1-888-544-4852 for West Evergy Metro.

Heavy thunderstorm warnings have been issued in parts of northeastern Kansas and northwestern Missouri, including St. Joseph. According to the National Weather Service, tornadoes, isolated hail up to the size of lime, and gusts up to 70 mph can occur.

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