The Parade Massacre “Person of Interest” is a spooky video rapper


Screenshot of Blogspot

Screenshot of Blogspot

Highland Park, Illinois — A 22-year-old man from Illinois, Monday parade massacre Is an amateur rapper who posted a disturbing video on his YouTube channel. This includes a crude animation depicting a heavily armed archer being killed by police.

Detained about seven hours after the sniper’s attack, Robert “Bobby” Klimo left six dead and dozens of injured under the name Awake the Rapper on social media.

His social media footsteps have shown that he is a video game enthusiast and a professional wrestling fan. A photo posted on Twitter showed him wearing a cloak-like playing card flag. In another example, he was wearing an FBI cap. But the same account also liked President Biden’s video.

Located on most of Krimo’s social media pages and embedded in some of his videos are almost the same symbols used by the far-right Finnish organization Suomen Sisu. However, Kurimo does not seem to mention the national group in his post.

An Instagram account, also belonging to Klimo, is a black-and-white portrait whose family is from the Highland Park area, with a number tattoo on one side of his temple, and the word “awakening” on one side of him. Are introduced. eyebrows. Kurimo also appears to have a total of five hatch marks under his eyes.

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A neighbor who wants to remain anonymous told The Daily Beast that Kurimo, who runs around in the neighborhood and nearby nature, has blown up and preserved heavy metals on his electric bike. He used to drive a car with the word “pussy mobile” behind it.

“The family has lived in the area for a long time,” she said, and his father was the owner of a small business that ran for mayor of Highland Park in 2019. Lost to the incumbent with a 2 to 1 margin..

“We don’t really know him, but we see him running around the neighborhood,” she said. “I had no interaction with him other than seeing him running around.”

But his video is full of dark themes.

In one of the titles, “On my Mind,” Climo wears tactical equipment and can be found in an empty classroom with the American flag. In another example, he wraps, “Like a sleepwalker, I’m breaking through whatever happens,” along with a piece of footage that appears to be armed.

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The video titled “Toy Solider” is an animated cartoon that begins with a student sending a text message in class while you can hear Klimo wrapping “Fuck This World.” It cuts out between images of a heavily armed archer entering the school, firing, and then engaging with outside police. The final scene shows a shooter lying in a pool of blood.

Kurimo also seems to have a blog, where he posted his music video and some of his own photos. In a video titled “Smiley Face Solider,” Climo records a brick wall depicting a solider armed with a yellow cartoon smiley face while the Star Wars theme song plays in the background. doing.

List of Kurimo on entertainment sites IMDBDescribes him as a “six-foot hip-hop phenom,” a “child between three and Italian descent.”

For more information, see The Daily Beast.

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