The party at South Beach was too long.It’s time to shut it down

There will come a time in life where everyone has to grow. Whether you’re a teenager who takes on the responsibilities of an adult, or a city that creates the atmosphere of a former “everything” party, it’s a big responsibility, not an asset.

What was once thought to be “cool” will eventually become “cool”. Coconut Grove has made changes. So did Fort Lauderdale and Panama City. Now it’s Miami Beach’s turn.

Yes, it was fun while it lasted — enjoyed the clubs on Ocean Drive and Washington Avenue and had a party all night until 5am, just like locals, tourists and celebrities. The party lasted until breakfast, and sometimes after that.

There were many incarnations in Miami Beach. From Karl Fischer’s original vision of a dreamy winter paradise to World War II America’s “most luxurious boot camp,” Rat Pack stepping stones, and historic preserved Art Deco-style buildings Until reinvention as a hip spot of the enclosed model.

Miami Beach will continue to transform itself in a positive way, unless we are afraid of change. When businessman Norman Braman brought Art Basel, we sent a strong signal to the world that Miami Beach was becoming the cultural center of the world, not the capital of the world’s spring break. Thanks to this powerful message, the now wonderful convention center, and the soon-to-be-adjacent hotel, Miami Beach attracts many world-class conferences and our city provides participants with a safe and prosperous one. Experience that has decided to provide the right one for.

But the beach is still sending the wrong signal to the world. Despite the fact that millions of dollars of homes have been sold to buyers fleeing New York and their high taxes bring income to our schools, parks and police, we have our city It’s lawless and everything-at night, make the party mecca as you like.

Today, the entertainment district, a small area of ​​town that is dangerous for residents and families to visit, is an unfortunate scene of turmoil and crime, including murder, creating negative headlines around the world. This area, this cancerous tumor, needs to be eradicated and reconsidered.

One of the many wise ideas proposed by Mayor Dan Gelber is that the club will stop serving alcohol at 2 am. Not all crimes occur early in the morning. It’s unfair that some special interests in making generous campaign donations are allowed to damage the Miami Beach brand.

It’s also unfair to put this self-harm problem behind a understaffed police station who knows they can’t “police” how to get out of this problem while devoting enough resources to the other 99% of the city. ..

It is said that sometimes God whispers and sometimes yells. We can all agree that God whispered to us after the horrific murder of his father, who was protecting a boy at a cafe in Ocean Drive last month. I don’t want to hear him scream!

We are the city of Art Basel, gorgeous beaches and great hotels. Everyone welcomes Miami Beach, but it’s time to grow. All-night parties in the entertainment district should be closed.

Philip Levine is a former mayor of Miami Beach.