The Pennsylvania Fire Department company used racially discriminatory language and temporarily shut down after the voice of a member mocking an eight-year-old black girl who was killed by local police.

Volunteer fire departments in Pennsylvania have racist statements about several firefighters being caught on tape and blacks moving to the area and ridiculing an eight-year-old girl who was killed by police in 2021. After that, it was closed for 30 days.

The Briercliffe Volunteer Fire Department was suspended by the Darby Township Commission for 30 days after it was recorded that members of their station made derogatory comments about blacks.

District attorney Jack Stall Schtimer said the

District attorney Jack Stall Schtimer said the “first ballistic analysis” ended with “almost certainty” that police officers killed eight-year-old Fanta Virity on August 27. Photo: Action News 6 / YouTube screenshot[policeofficerskilledeight-year-oldFantaBilityonAug27Photo:ActionNews6/YouTubescreenshot[警察官が8月27日に8歳のファンタ・バイリティを殺害したという「ほぼ確実」で終わったと述べた。写真​​:アクションニュース6/YouTubeスクリーンショット[policeofficerskilledeight-year-oldFantaBilityonAug27Photo:ActionNews6/YouTubescreenshot

A letter from a board member of the Goodwill Fire Company, submitted to the Derby Township Commission, revealed that the statement was made after a virtual meeting between the Goodwill, Derby, and Briercliffe fire departments.

Call agenda, according to Philly Voice was for state and county officials to explore the possibility of integrating the three companies.

It was noted that six Briercliffe members remained after many participants, including politicians, logged off. Some members of the other house listened quietly and recorded a conversation equivalent to 94 minutes. DelcoResists is a community organization that later posted on social media.

The letter said, “Suddenly I heard a group of people discussing the meeting using inappropriate language.”

According to the letter, the firefighter used racial adjectives to describe the chief firefighter and his staff firefighters.

One of the complaints from the white members was that it was “time to leave” because so many blacks were moving there. The letter also spoke of one member of the Briercliffe Fire Department who said he wanted to fight a member of the Goodwill Fire Department.

The saddest comment was the mockery of the name of Fantability, a child who recently died as a result of police-related violence at Academy Park High School in Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania.

In August 2021, she was out of a football game where three policemen shot her deadly. They were each charged Her death involves voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, and reckless danger.

The voice of the comment is It was recorded.

Bruce Castor Jr., a lawyer for Bility’s family, said the family was “stunned” about the alleged comments.

A statement from those relatives said: Talking about her with such contempt sheds shame on the people of the fire department making her remarks and denies good and true first responders who swear her life to the service of all members of the community. Will be reflected. “

The statement continued. “By bravely ridiculing Fanta and her death, the people associated with the Briercliffe Fire Department were at a disadvantage to the communities they vowed to protect, thereby Fanta knew her life, Though conscious, he resumed his wounds from the night of his fateful injury. It was drained. It is a new meaning to the descriptive “sneaky” to make what this young girl endured that night mediocre. Give. “”

The family also wants to take disciplinary action against those who make jokes about their children.

Also, the politician was indignant.

Richard Womak, a member of the Delaware County Assembly, said at a press conference: And it is unacceptable to take such actions or make such statements. “

He goes on to say, “We continue to do what we have to do to prevent this from happening again in Derby Townships and other townships and autonomous regions, because no one has to submit to it.”

“Today I joined community members, officials, and firefighters who stood together to condemn these racist, hateful, and rude remarks.” Mary Gay Skanron. A US lawmaker tweeted.

“Such words do not exist in civil society and betray the public’s trust when civil servants issue them.”

While many lawmakers and community stakeholders are angry with the comments, some are looking forward to working together to get people out of service.

Senator Anthony Williams said on Facebook Live: “We must always face racism and prejudice. Our light will drive away the darkness that comes from a group of firefighters in Delaware County.”

This letter represents a collective sentiment from the community about what Briercliffe firefighters say. “This is not appropriate and does not belong to the town.”

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