The Pentagon releases the first footage of a failed Kabul airstrike

Pentagon officials first released footage of an airstrike that killed 10 civilians in Kabul, Afghanistan, on August 29, 2021.

After military officials were initially accused of the ISIS terrorist group attacking U.S.-owned Kabul airport in a suicide bombing, killing 13 U.S. forces and more than 100 Afghan citizens, the strike was carried out by the ISIS terrorist group. He said he targeted members.

They later stated that a review revealed that the target aid worker, Ezmalai Ahmadhi, was not involved in the group.

The footage was captured by a drone floating above Ahmadhi’s house before the strike began.

The footage contains the aftermath of an explosion that destroyed a vehicle on a driveway at home.

U.S. Central Command commander Frank McKenzie apologized for the failure of the strike last year and “seriously believes that it will prevent an imminent threat to our troops and airport evacuees. Was. “

Epoch Times Photo
The boys inspect the wreckage of a drone attack in Kabul, Afghanistan on September 18, 2021. (Hoshang Hashimi / AFP via Getty Images)
Epoch Times Photo
Ezumarai Ahmadhi’s relatives were injured on August 29 in a U.S. drone attack that killed Ahmadhi, seven children, and two other adults in the Kwajabulga district of Kabul, Afghanistan, on September 18, 2021. Standing next to the vehicle. .. (Hoshang Hashimi / AFP via Getty Images)

Officials told Congress that they learned within hours that the strike had killed innocent people, inconsistent with previous statements stating that there were no signs of civilian casualties.

U.S. officials later offered to pay and relocate relatives of the murdered people, all of which were identified as being related to Ahmadhi. Officials also refused to discipline anyone for the strike, but the review did not find any war crimes.

Under the command of President Joe Biden, the US military withdrew from Afghanistan after 20 years of occupation and completed its withdrawal in August 2021.

Despite hundreds of US citizens and green card holders still in the country, the turbulent operation ended and after sending US-backed Afghan troops, it took control of the Taliban terrorist group.

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