The PHAC president rebuked him, but has not yet written a document about the dismissed scientists.

Public Health Agency of Canada President Ian Stewart is approaching the House of Commons bar on June 21, 2021 to be warned by House of Commons Chairman Anthony Rota on Parliamentary Hill in Ottawa. Sean Kilpatrick)

Ottawa — Conservatives affairs the Public Health Agency of Canada after the head of the Public Health Agency of Canada once again refused to hand over unedited documents related to the dismissal of two scientists from Canada’s premier security institute. I am proposing to search for a place.

The move came after PHAC President Ian Stuart appeared in front of the House of Commons court and was accused of refusing to comply with the writing order by Chairman Anthony Rota.

He nevertheless did not provide the document, despite being exposed to public shame. This is a procedure that has not been used for civilians for more than a century.

Stewart reiterates that the document cannot be published due to his legal obligations as a veteran civil servant to protect national security and privacy rights.

Gerald Demeter, a conservative House leader, said it must result in Stewart’s continued blame for House orders. He proposes that Rota instruct Commons guards to search the PHAC office for documentation.

The new Democrats have expressed support for the proposal. Bloc Québécois withheld that decision.

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