The Philippines begins a new era of Marcos rule decades after its overthrow


Manila — Ferdinand Marcos, the son of a Philippine ruler who fell in a mass uprising 36 years ago, became president of the country on Thursday, praising the legacy of his deceased father for unity and a better future. I promised to make an effort.

Marcos, 64, concludes decades of his wealthy family’s quest to regain the president and change his image after winning a landslide in last month’s elections and being expelled in 1986.

“We are here to repair the split house, build the whole, and stand strong again,” he said in his inaugural address reflecting his campaign slogan.

Marcos Jr. thanked Senator Immy and former Senator Imelda for giving voters a lively 30-minute speech and giving voters “the biggest election mission in Philippine democracy history.” did. His watch will go a long way.

Elder Ferdinand Marcos ruled for 20 years from 1965, almost half of which was under martial law and helped to overthrow during the “People Power Revolution” and expand power until his family went into exile.

Thousands of enemies were imprisoned, killed, or disappeared during his reign, and the family name became synonymous with favoritism, luxury, and the loss of billions of dollars in state property. The Marcos family has denied embezzlement.

“I’m here to not talk about the past. Marcos Jr. is in front of thousands of supporters, waving flags and wearing red, the color associated with his father. I will talk about the future of.

“I never look back on my anger and nostalgia.”

Marcos Jr., who looks a lot like his deceased father, said he would defend his father’s legacy and emulate his achievements.

“I once knew a man who saw little achieved since independence … but he did it. It may or may not have the support needed, so it’s I’ll be with his son. I can’t make any excuses, “he said.

Marcos swore at the tightly guarded National Museum, a legislature that frequently witnessed protests against his father’s presidency.

“Rejection, Marcos”

Hundreds of people nearby protested Marcos, and his critics relied heavily on social media to uncover the story of abuse and decadence during the Marcos era and win the vote by providing an alternative version of history. I was angry.

They gathered at Plaza Miranda with the flag “Rejection, Marcos”. There, some of his father’s enemies were killed and injured in a bombing blaming the Communists.

With the slogan “Stand up together again,” Marcos felt nostalgic for his father’s rule, which his family and supporters portrayed as the golden age of the Philippines.

At the hero’s monument, victims of persecution under martial law gathered for their own oath, promising to protect them from what they call tyranny and lies.

“The survivors, if not endangered, are on the verge of extinction, and it’s time to correct the lies and reveal the truth,” he said, saying he was abused under Elder Marcos’ control. Said Christina Bawagan.

His son has offered jobs in 110 million countries and promised to lower consumer prices. Nearly a quarter of them live on less than $ 2 a day.

He said he would not disappoint the public, improve food availability, education, infrastructure, energy supply, tackle plastic pollution and better support millions of foreign Filipino workers.

“I’m ready for work,” he said. “I will accomplish that.”

Karen Rema and Neil Jerome Morales