The Philippines is the most stressed and Cambodia is the saddest in Southeast Asia, Gallup’s new study said.

A new study reveals that the Philippines is the most stressful country in Southeast Asia.

Global analysis and advice company Gallup Emotional state Of people in more than 100 countries through extensive research. In a survey conducted between 2021 and early 2022, a global analytics firm recorded “yes,” “no,” “don’t know, or refused” responses from respondents over the age of 15. did.

A recent survey asked respondents about their feelings, such as stress levels, anger, and sadness, the day before the survey was conducted.

Of the Filipino respondents, 48% said they experienced stress, the highest percentage of Southeast Asian countries. This was followed by Thailand (44%) and Cambodia (40%), who answered “yes”.

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In the anger category, Laos ranked first, with 29% of respondents saying they were angry before the survey. The Philippines is second with 27%. Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar followed at 20%.

Gallup also states that Cambodia is the saddest country in Southeast Asia, with 42% of respondents experiencing grief. The Philippines is also second in this category, with 35% of respondents saying “yes” and Vietnam third with 27%.

Singapore The least angry And it is the saddest country in the region.

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The Philippines ranks in the top three for negative emotions of stress, anger and sadness, but also ranks first in the “learned something” and “respected” categories of the report. I am.

When asked if they had learned something interesting the day before the survey, 78% of Filipinos answered “yes”. This is the highest percentage in Southeast Asia. Thailand came in second with 71%, followed by Malaysia with 56%.

In the “Respect” category, 95% of Filipinos agreed when asked if they felt they were being treated with respect. Indonesia was successful at 93%, followed by Vietnam at 92%.

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Global analytics firms have compiled the results of each country into the Positive Experience Index (PEI) and Negative Experience Index (NEI).

According to Gallup, PEI scores are related to respondents’awareness of living standards, personal freedom, and the existence of social networks, and NEI results are related to people’s experience of health problems and their ability to afford food. doing.

“They provide people with their daily experiences and insights into their social health that cannot be determined by financial measures alone,” Gallup said. Reportedly..

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