The photo shows an Idaho teenager who killed his father

Claim: The photo shows an 11-year-old boy arrested for hacking a Swiss bank and sending $ 75 billion to his father’s bank account.

The day before Father’s Day, Social media users shared a series of photos claiming to show a teenage boy who stole billions of dollars for his father.

A June 13 Facebook post He called the boy “the greatest son of all time.”

“My son needs to do better,” wrote another Facebook user who shared the post.

post show Three images of a boy wearing a yellow jumpsuit and handcuffs in court. “At the age of 11, he hacked a computer system in a Swiss bank and sent $ 75 billion to his father’s account,” the text above the image says.

But the real story behind the image is far from the act of love.

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The teenage boy in the image did not break into a Swiss bank or steal billions of dollars. He was convicted of murdering his father in 2009.

USA TODAY has contacted several accounts that shared their posts for comment. Facebook user Canadian Johnson told USA TODAY that the story was “wrong,” but he didn’t delete his post.

The photo is from a manslaughter trial

The boy in the image The Curry Nigle.. He was sentenced to five years in prison for murdering his father in 2009 at the age of 14.

Using reverse image search, USA TODAY found three photos used in Facebook posts is all Available From the Associated Press. The description in each photo identifies Neagle. Ida Hopepress-Tribune photographer Mike Vokto took a photo in Nigle’s courtroom on May 20, 2009.

Nigle Acknowledge sin In 2010, he was sentenced to voluntary manslaughter by shooting his father. During the trial, Nigle claimed to have killed his father to protect his other brothers after years of sexual abuse.

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His case, and the prosecutor’s controversial choice to prosecute him as an adult, was generated. National coverage..Nigle release About probation in 2014.

Neagle’s proceedings did not include fees related to Swiss bank hacking or money theft. October, Agence France-Presse Uncovered According to a similar claim, a social media post showed a 14-year-old boy who stole money for his father.

USA TODAY found no evidence that such a hacking theft, involving this boy or any other boy, actually took place.

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The photo is false to claim that an 11-year-old boy was arrested for hacking a Swiss bank and sending $ 75 billion to his father’s bank account. This is because our research does not support it. A photo on a Facebook post shows a boy in Idaho who was found guilty of manslaughter when his father was shot dead in 2009. The case did not include hacking or money theft.

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