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Far-right group “Oath Enforcer” plans to harass political enemies

Revealed: Online chat shows that some members are threatening to unleash harassment tactics against officials and civil servants Chat is a white supremacist conspiracy with former President Donald Trump It shows that it aims to leverage the success of the group recruiting disillusioned supporters of the movement. Photo: Robin Beck / AFP / Getty Images A national online network of thousands of right-wing self-proclaimed “swearers” threatens to unleash harassment tactics against elected officials and civil servants nationwide, Guardian said. Can be clarified. The founders of the network claim that the group is neither violent nor militia, but internal chat plans some members to confront law enforcement agencies with their recognized political enemies. It is shown that. Chat also leverages the group’s success in recruiting disillusioned supporters of Donald Trump and the “QAnon” conspiracy movement, where white supremacists and others involved in the militia movement are exposed to a wide range of conspiracy theories. Shows that it aims to be a material and right-wing legal theory within the white supremacist group. The founder of the group that produces and organizes the video under the name Vince Edwards lives off-the-grid in a remote area of ​​Costilla County in the desert region of Colorado. Arrest records in 2016 show that he also used the name Christian Picolo, and other public records associate him with the name Vincent Edward Delka. According to experts, Edwards’ personal history reflects the potential dangers of spreading the “sovereign citizen” ideology. Its history includes an armed conflict with Deputy Costilla County Sheriff in 2016. Edwards initially published a video and a printable leaflet. In late January 2021, just weeks after his own recorded attendance at a parliamentary rally on January 6, at least 30 “swearing teams” were formed in all counties across the country. .. Supporters of Donald Trump will raise the US flag with the group QAnon symbol when they meet outside the Capitol on January 6. Photo: Win McNamee / Getty Images His first video clearly appealed to QAnon’s supporters, and the “Q”, which appears to be an insider to the Trump administration, is an animation of a conspiracy-oriented social movement, 12 He points out that he has not been exercising and communicating since the month. It means that they should start taking action because their supporters are commanded to do so, rather than “trust the plan.” Following the Parliamentary attack, his efforts seem to have resonated with the increase in grassroots right-wing pools. The Guardian has found more than 3,100 members in 50 state-based telegram and national chats. The group, based in several states in Texas, Washington, and Alabama, was very active and had hundreds of members. The purpose of this group is to post leaflets designed by Edwards, to form a “Constitutional Enforcement Group” to distribute 1,000 Edwards leaflets to everyone, and to “local hotlines to help enforce contracts with civil servants.” Create a line “and so on. Employees by livestreaming their interactions or by filing fake legal claims against them. ” In an introductory video titled “OE Training,” Edwards encourages new hires to the network to emulate the so-called “First Amendment Auditor” (FAA). Professor Brian Levin, director of the Center for Hatred and Radicalism Research (CSHE) at California State University in San Bernardino, said in a telephone conversation that the FAA “goes to sensitive places and is social media-led by revertarian provocatives. It’s an exercise. ” See if law enforcement, security guards, or property owners interfere with their activities. This is annoying, but usually not illegal. Meanwhile, some local groups have shown that well-known militants are seeing opportunities for the group’s rapid growth. For example, the Oath Enforcer Group in Oregon was joined by Chester Dolls in Dahlonega, Georgia on February 5th. A longtime former member of the Ku Klux Klan and Neo-Nazi National Alliance, he was imprisoned for beating a black man in 1993 and then attended the Unite the Right rally in Charlotteville in 2017. Dolls. Recently, he and another member of the organization he currently leads, American Patriots USA, were in an armed group protesting outside the Georgia Capitol Museum on January 6. His role in Georgia’s election count, the escape from the building is on the far right. In recent months, Dolls have reportedly been trying to form alliances with Georgia’s Sleeper Center and other militia groups. Former member of the far-right group Patriot Prayer, Tusitala “Tiny” Toese, joined the Oregon Oath Enforcer Chat on February 9th. Proud Boys Torse was a prominent and often violent participant in a long line of fighting and controversial street protests in Portland throughout the Trump era. He was imprisoned in Clark County, Washington last October after violating probationary conditions after being convicted of assault on an unprovoked sunlight attack on a Portland man. In a video message to the Oath Enforcers group, Toese said: I and my people will be there to stand with you. Tuitala’Tiny’ Toese at a rally in Portland in 2018, front. Photo: Alex Milan Tracy / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images Elsewhere on the Oath Enforcers educational telegram channel, Edwards and others share documents from different organizations around the world. A country that promotes false legal and constitutional doctrines associated with the so-called sovereign civil movement. One document, presented as a self-proclaimed human rights trial decision, has ordered the arrest of various officials and philanthropists, including Anthony Fauci, Bill & Melinda Gates, for genocide crimes. Although the sovereign civil movement does not have a universally consistent set of beliefs, most supporters believe in false alternate history in the United States, and now especially the law reflects the conspiracy dictated by esoteric rules. I believe you are doing it. Many treat all legal and governmental powers as illegal. In the pledge executor’s chat, Sovereign doctrine argued that false beliefs about vaccination and masks, claims that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump, and strong figures such as anti-fascist activists and billionaire George. Solos is presented alongside a conspiracy theory about relationships. Vince Edwards and Chester Dores did not immediately respond to the request for comment. In intelligence and official statements, federal agencies advise that sovereign citizens pose a continuous and concrete threat to law enforcement officers. Levin, a radical researcher, said there was “a reorganization of the far-right radical fringe” about the apparent synergies between sovereign citizens and white supremacists. The way sovereign citizens saw them decades ago. ” “Not only has the ideology been rebranded, but there are also many far-right figures like former clan leader Chester Dores,” Levin added. In a post on the Oregon Oath Enforcer page on March 28, users reposted a commentary on white supremacist broadcaster Vincent James about the clash between Antifa and the far-right opposition protesters in Salem the day before. .. In part, the post says: They are also the American government. Not an ally. “

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