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Impressive Alabama Coal Workers Revitalize Assistance Throughout the South

Members of the United Mine Workers of America are struggling for better wages and benefits, and unfair labor practices against Warrior Met Cole workers at the Warrior Met Cole mine in Brookwood, Alabama. Filed charges. Photo: Rafael Henrique / Sopa Images / Rex / Shutterstock Approximately 1,100 coal mine workers, represented by the United Mine Workers of America in Brookwood, Alabama, have been negotiating new union contracts since early April. Inside, we are striking against Warrior Met Cole. Workers are struggling to improve wages and benefits as the strike enters its third month. Walter Energy. Strikes have revitalized support in other parts of the state and south, in areas that have traditionally been hostile to labor disputes. Last month, supporters held a concert to raise money for strike miners, including Drive-By Truckers’ Mike Cooley and comedian Drew Morgan. Labor leaders across the United States, including AFA-CWA Chairman Sara Nelson and AFL-CIO Treasury Secretary Liz Shuler, visit and assist strike miners. “Warrior Met still refuses to participate in meaningful negotiations with UMWA at the negotiating table,” UMWA International President Cecil E. Roberts said in a recent press release. “But They are clearly on the wrong side of history. The community’s support for strikers has grown and their struggle is now receiving national attention. ”The strikers have lost their income. He states that he is suffering from the effects of. As a result, it is difficult to manage and pay for basic necessities such as food, rent, and housing payments. They also committed civil disobedience outside the company’s main office. James Traweek has been working for four years at Warrior Met Coal, Brookwood’s No. 7 mine. He explained that miners accepted a $ 6 hourly wage cut and health insurance and retirement benefit cuts during bankruptcy proceedings five years ago, while adhering to strict attendance policies. “We had to work 6 days a week, sometimes 7 days, 12 hours a day. We were working on a four-strike system, which means that absenteeism four days a year would lead to dismissal. “I did,” says Traweek. “The only excuse accepted was the death of a relative. He had to work ill with the flu and many other illnesses for fear of losing his job.” He said he was only looking for wages and benefits in return for mines affiliated with other unions. Warrior Met Coal is hiring alternative workers as part of its continuation plan and using Traweek Characterized as “abdominal pain”. “We are fighting for our families and all other members of the organized labor community around the world. We must not allow corporate greed to rob us of our dignity and value. “Traweek added. “After leading the company from bankruptcy to record-breaking work, we feel it’s more valuable,” said Cecil Roberts, chairman of the United Mine Workers of America. And now their struggle is gaining national attention. “Photo: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images Before the strike, UMWA worked a few unfair labor practices against Warrior Met Cole. Shortly after the strike began, Warrior Met Cole obtained a court order limiting the number of strike workers on the picket line on the mine grounds, and locals were brought to the mine site. Reported a few weeks later a complaint of visible pollution of two streams due to the spill. Attack. The company recently promised investors in its earnings announcement that its customers’ production promises would be fulfilled by 2021 despite the impact of a strike at a mine in Alabama. “Mining is an important part of the Brookwood, Alabama community. This has been a lifestyle here for a long time. The wealthy New York conglomerate, who took over the bankrupt Walter Energy, is a coal mine man and woman and their families. I don’t care about that, “said Lily Huget, who worked for Brookwood’s Warrior Met Cole for 13 years. Hughett said miners faced multiple dangers during work, including falling roofs, methane gas buildup, low oxygen levels, heavy machinery work, and the pressure of workers to cut corners for safety. I explained that. Manufacture. Coal mining is one of the most dangerous occupations in history. Warrior Met Cole’s earnings declined as the coal and steel industry slowed production during the coronavirus pandemic, but the company has made millions of dollars since its bankruptcy. They reported a loss of about $ 35 million in 2020, compared to $ 302 million in net revenue in 2019. For the men and women who led the company from bankruptcy to a prosperous company, “Huget added. Employees rejected the tentative agreement presented by the company on April 9, with an hourly wage of 1.50 over five years. He chose to continue the strike because he was only offered a dollar salary increase. “They lowballed it,” said Marcus Vance, another miner on strike at Warrior Met Cole. “I think they’re trying to starve everyone.” Warrior Met Cole didn’t respond to multiple requests for comment.

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