The Powerball snafu is over and the postponed draw for the Powerball jackpot is finally here

RICHMOND – Hmm, that was weird.

Millions of people woke up Tuesday morning wanting to know if they were a Powerball winner, but the winner’s numbers were nowhere to be found.

Lottery officials said there would be no Powerball winners for Monday night’s record-breaking $1.9 billion jackpot because there was no draw. The winning numbers were finally revealed late Tuesday morning.

High ticket sales were the initial cause of the delay, according to the Virginia Lottery.

“All participating lotteries must adhere to strict security requirements to protect the integrity of the game. Due to the high number of tickets sold, this process will take time to complete. At this time, the sale information billion jackpot from all participating lotteries of this historic $1.9 is still being finalized,” said a press release Tuesday morning.

Late Tuesday morning, a message appeared on the Powerball website indicating that the numbers had been drawn. The winning numbers were 10, 33, 41, 47, 56 and 10 Powerballs.

According to multiple media reports, the jackpot exceeded $2 billion.

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This article originally appeared on the Staunton News Leader. Powerball Snuff Nicks Wins Record $1.9 Billion Jackpot