The Premier of Alberta calls on the Government of Trudeau to lift the “meaningless” COVID-19 travel ban

Alberta Prime Minister Jason Kenny has called on the federal government to lift the “meaningless” COVID-19 travel ban not found in other major countries in the world.

“Alberta’s conservative MLA is asking Trudeau to remove nonsensical travel restrictions, including vaccine passports,” Kenny said. Twitter post Made on April 28th.

“I don’t know of any other major country in the world that has similar policies,” he added.

He also shared his video Live: Questions and Answers Programmed on YouTube from April 20th, I was asked if I could help end the vaccination passport obligations imposed on air travelers.

“Yes, we pushed [for an end to vaccine passports]”Kenny replied. “We submitted a motion to the Government-voted Alberta Parliament, the Government’s MLA, and urged the Federal Free Government of Tordo to remove the remaining travel restrictions, especially vaccine passports.”

Kenny continued to say that proof of vaccination policy was meaningless and alternatives should have been set.

“We don’t think it serves useful public health purposes. They have no alternative, which is a negative test that may be a reasonable accommodation, but in any case it makes no sense. I think it’s a good policy, “he said.

On March 16, the Alberta Parliament voted in favor of a motion calling on the federal government to suspend travel restrictions.Conservatives Voted forKenny said in Twitter post Parliamentary NDP members said they “supported their ally Justin Trudeau” by voting against the motion.

The motion acknowledges that the current air travel restrictions imposed by the Government of Canada have “no measurable public health benefits” and will revoke the Government of Canada’s proof of immunization requirements for airline passengers. Pre-departure COVID-19 test requirements for international airline passengers entering Canada seeking state legislative councils.

On March 18, the federal government canceled the pre-immigration COVID-19 test for fully vaccinated Canadian citizens or foreign travelers entering by land, water or air after April 1. Still needed Use the government’s ArriveCan app to monitor your health within 72 days of arriving in Canada. On the other hand, people who have not been fully vaccinated can only come to Canada in limited circumstances.

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.