The Premier of Alberta says it will announce on Saturday whether it will end further COVID restrictions.

Edmonton — Alberta Premier Jason Kenny said he will announce a “final decision” this Saturday on whether to proceed with the second phase of the state’s pandemic resumption plan.

“It’s a careful decision based on the latest data,” Kenny said on social media. “To prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed, damaging restrictions shouldn’t last longer than necessary.” ..

Step 2 removes all remaining school requirements, such as a cohort for children from kindergarten to sixth grade, and removes entertainment and sports youth screening, and capacity limits for all large venues.

It also removes the requirements for indoor masks, indoor and outdoor collection restrictions, and mandatory telecommuting requirements.

Kenny completed the state vaccine passport earlier this month, ending school mask requirements and mask requirements for all settings for children under the age of 12.

He then said Alberta would enter step 2 of its March 1 reopening plan if COVID-19 hospitalizations were on the decline, and on Monday data continued to show a sharp drop in COVID-19 omicron waves. Said that.

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