The priest has children, but remains in the North Miami Parish.The Catholic Church has a message

In a move that may surprise some devout Catholics, the Archdiocese of Miami issued a news release on Tuesday.

According to Archdiocese spokeswoman Mary Ross Agosta, Chanel Janti of Monsignor, a pastor of the St. James Catholic Church since 2015, had a child from a relationship with a woman that ended more than a year ago. I learned about it in December.

What the Archdiocese said

“The information was not from the child’s mother, but from another source. Monsignor’s Janti plans to properly contact the mother and contribute to the support of his child,” Agosta said. Said the release of.

The Archdiocese has not named the source, and Janti said he would not accept comments. “Msgr. Chanel Janti is personally and idyllicly focused on his priorities and responsibilities and will no longer be available,” said Agosta.

Janti did not respond to an email from the Miami Herald asking for comment.

On Tuesday, Janti resigned from his administrative role as Vicar General in the Archdiocese of Miami and the Prime Minister for legitimate issues. But he still plays the role of minister in the St. James ministry, Agosta said.

St. James Catholic ChurchFounded in 1953, the large congregation is located on 13155NW Seventh Avenue in North Miami.

According to the release of the Archdiocese, Janti is “already seeking the forgiveness of God and seeking the forgiveness of his parishioners who will be disappointed when he learns of his disappearance. As he continues to serve and at the same time pays attention to his responsibility to the child, he must face his parishioners and strive to regain their trust. “

Vatican Evolving Guidelines

For at least the 9th century, Catholic priests had to take a bachelor’s vow. In many cases, priests who violate their oath will either leave the church or be excluded from serving.

But not always.

Details unknown, according to 2019 CBS News report Vatican guidelines Despite the vow of bachelorhood, monks whose fathers are children are allowed to remain as monks. Vincent Doyle, founder of a support group for priestly children, told CBS News that “he is urging the church to publicly support children who often grow up in embarrassment and secrets. I will. “

Message from the Archdiocese of Miami

Locally, the message in the case of Janti is one of “forgiveness,” Agosta said in an email to the Miami Herald.

“The Catholic Church preaches forgiveness, what Jesus Christ taught us, and seeks and forgiveness in face-to-face conversations through the sacraments of reconciliation and in the experience of personal life. “Agosta said.

“It’s Msgr. I hope Chanel Janti’s prayer and he taught and allowed the parishioners of the St. James Catholic Church to experience forgiveness. This extends to him now. Signor Janti asked God for forgiveness, and now Msgr. Janti is now asking his parishioners and Catholics in the Great Diocese of Miami to forgive him, “Agosta said in her email. rice field.

Janti can continue to serve his parishioners, Agosta said.

“Breaking an oath can be healed by forgiveness first by God. The church teaches it, gives it, and asks for it many times. This is one of those times — forgiveness, that is, and. “Innocent he threw the first stone,” Agosta said in her email, as Jesus taught us.

Single and other Miami priests

Father Albert Cutie & # xe9; Miami Herald file photo.

Father Albert Cutier in the file photo of the Miami Herald.

One of the more remarkable cases in which a Catholic priest broke his vow of bachelorhood and its influence, his father. Alberto Cutie The Miami Herald reported that she left the Archdiocese of Miami in 2009 after a photo of a popular Roman Catholic priest on Miami Beach kissing a woman on her later wife’s beach emerged.

Now Rev. Cutie, he Leaving the Catholic priesthood He became an Anglican priest in the Diocese of southeastern Florida. He is a pastor of St. Benedict on the plantation.He also hosts Radio talk show To WQBA 1140AM.

In 2009, Herald reported the story of Rev. David DuepenI was the father of a dancer and daughter I met at the Poker’s Strip Club in Miami. The two engaged in a custody dispute over their children and were given joint custody. Duepen, who was on indefinite leave by the Archdiocese and left the church, was in the same place where Cutie, the parish of South Beach, was serving.

David Ovalle, a Miami Herald staff writer, contributed to this report.

This report will be updated.