The prime minister says a nightclub in Wales that will reopen by the end of the month

The nightclub is on track to reopen, there is a social distance, and the Prime Minister has confirmed that in Wales the rules for the six requirements will be completed by the end of the month.

Mark Drakeford said Wales will complete the transition to alert level 0 on January 28, unless the coronavirus situation worsens.

According to Drakeford, the phased plan to gradually ease alert level 2 measures and return to alert level 0 will continue.

The latest public health data suggest that Wales has passed the peak of the Omicron wave and the cases of coronavirus have returned to levels similar to those seen in early fall.

The number of COVID-19 patients in the hospital is also decreasing.

Starting Friday, Wales will move to alert level 0 for all field activities. This means that the crowd can return to outdoor sporting events and have no restrictions on their participation in outdoor activities.

The 6 rules and social distance will be removed from the outdoor hospitality.

However, a COVID pass is still required to attend large outdoor events with more than 4,000 people if not seated and 10,000 or more if seated.

A COVID pass will continue to be required at all currently open cinemas, theaters and concert halls.

Drakeford said: “The latest figures indicate that we have passed the peak of Omicron, and we can continue to increase alert level 2 protection as part of our careful and step-by-step planning.

“We will lift the limit on the number of people who can gather at outdoor events.

“We are cautiously convinced that the public health situation is heading in the right direction. Unless things get worse, we can complete the transition to alert level 0 next week.

“We are in this position thanks to the efforts of everyone in Wales and the excellent vaccination program.

“It is important to continue to follow the rules and guidance to help everyone keep themselves and their loved ones safe, including accepting booster vaccines if they have not yet done so. “

Wales will complete the transition to alert level 0 on January 28, according to Drakeford.

This means that the nightclub will be reopened, ending the 2 meter social distance requirement and the 6 rules.

However, businesses, employers, and other organizations must continue to perform risk assessments for specific coronaviruses and take reasonable steps to minimize the spread of the coronavirus.

Working from home will continue to be part of the advice from the Welsh government, but it is no longer a legal requirement.

Covid passes will continue to be required to enter larger indoor events, nightclubs, cinemas, theaters and concert halls.

The self-quarantine rules for all who test positive for COVID and the face covering rules that apply to most public indoor locations will continue to be in effect after January 28.

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