The prime minister wants a biweekly national cabinet meeting to resolve the vaccine deployment issue as Queensland lifts the restrictions.

While the Queensland Government is preparing to lift restrictions on the CCP virus throughout the state, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has urgently addressed all state and territory leaders to address immunity development issues. He called for a national ministerial meeting every other week.

This was after the federal government last week issued a new recommendation on AstraZeneca jab for Australians under the age of 50, with advice from the Australian Immunization Technology Advisory Group.

The switch from the AstraZeneca vaccine will take place after the European Medicines Agency has discovered that there is a “potential link” between the vaccine and a very rare but serious blood clotting problem.

“With patched international vaccine supplies, changing medical advice, and changes in the global environment caused by millions of COVID-19 cases and deaths, there are serious challenges that must be overcome,” Morrison said. Said on April 13th.

“This is a complex task and there are problems with the programs that need to be resolved to enable more Australians to be vaccinated safely and quickly.”

The prime minister’s new announcement comes after the state and federal governments have criticized each other for developments, including accusations that the state is stockpiling vaccines.

Trade Minister Dan Tae-han will fly to Europe to lift the vaccine export ban.

Queensland lifts restrictions

Meanwhile, Queensland Prime Minister Anastasia Parasek announced on April 14 that the COVID-19 restriction will be lifted throughout Queensland from 6 am on Thursday, April 15.

This means that Queenslanders are only required to carry and wear a mask in certain settings when leaving the house, such as at an airport or plane.

Epoch Times Photo
Queensland Prime Minister Anastasia Parasek is watching a press conference at the Parliament Building in Brisbane, Australia, on April 1, 2021. (JonoSearle / Getty Images)

However, the government strongly recommends that you always carry a mask for use in public transport, taxis and rideshares, shopping centers, and places where social distance cannot be reached.

People with medical conditions are exempt from the mandatory mask rules that apply.

This is welcome news for companies and venues, including worship halls, that may reopen at 100% capacity under certain conditions.

In addition, a maximum of 100 people can gather in a private residence, but there is no limit to the number of people in public spaces.

The restaurant can be set up when eating or drinking, indoors or outdoors. After being infected with COVID-19, a disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, while a Byron Bay man was in the pub in March, the venue was also restricted to require only seating. ..

The state government currently allows one dancer per square meter to dance as long as physical distance is observed both indoors and outdoors.

On the other hand, the venue for tickets and assigned seats can be operated with 100% capacity, and regular customers are advised to wear masks when entering and exiting. This includes theaters, live music, cinemas, indoor sports, colleges and other higher education institutions.

Queensland residents are also encouraged to check in to the venue using the state government’s Check In Qld app. This app will be required to be used in hospitality facilities from May 1st.

Outdoor events such as dances and music festivals still have some restrictions, but other events such as Anzac Day and Fun Run do not require the COVID Safe Event Checklist for your event plan.

However, a COVID safe plan is required to operate an open-air stadium with 100% capacity.

There are some restrictions on weddings and funerals.