The Prime Minister was urged to explain the funding for the flat renovation at number 10 after allegations of coming.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson pressures to explain how the expensive refurbishment of Downing Street flats was paid after former Prime Minister Dominic Cummings criticized the “unethical” treatment of the issue. Was hung.

so Blog post Cummings, announced Friday, said Johnson had planned to “secretly pay the cost of the refurbishment to the donor.”

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Dominic Cummings, then 10th Special Advisor, will leave his residence in London on November 13, 2020.

Cummings told the then Prime Minister that the plan was “unethical, stupid, perhaps illegal, and almost certainly broke the rules for proper disclosure of political contributions if done in the intended way.” Said said.

Cummings said the prime minister stopped talking to him about the issue in 2020 because he refused to help Johnson sort out these payments.

“Therefore, my knowledge of them is limited. I would like to tell the Chief Cabinet Secretary or the Election Commission what I know about this,” he wrote.

In response to this claim, the government said the prime minister had paid for the remodeling from his pocket.

In the statement, No 10 states: “Government and ministers have always acted in accordance with appropriate codes of conduct and election law.”

“Cabinet Office staff are involved, informed and officially advised throughout.

“All reportable donations are transparently declared and made public by the Election Commission or the House of Commons registration body, in accordance with the requirements of the Election Act.

“The gifts and benefits received in the position of Minister have been and will continue to be declared in the return of transparency.”

But the main opposition Labor Party questioned why the government was “repeatedly avoiding” who was paying for the refurbishment. Complete investigation..

“It’s about honesty, it’s about taxpayers’ money. Every day, there’s more evidence of this threes. Frankly, it stinks,” Labor leader Sir Kiel Starmer said on Saturday. Told BBC News.

“If you don’t see anything here, whether it’s a 10th refurbishment, whether it’s a dangerous contract, whether it’s privileged access, if you don’t see anything, publish everything and make a full inquiry. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, “he said.

Cumming, Johnson’s closest adviser, left Downing Street last year. His blog post contains 10 information to several newspapers that he is responsible for many damaging leaks, including text messages exchanged between Johnson and entrepreneur Sir James Dyson on tax issues. He said it was in response to the source’s claim.

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