The primeval forest protest group calls it a spray-painted Vancouver landmark

A group of activists opposed to British Columbia’s primeval deforestation have stated that they are spraying Vancouver’s attractions and landmarks as an act of civil disobedience.

According to the Save OId Growth group, targets include Gastown Steam Clock, artist Douglas Coupland’s digital orca sculpture, Olympic torch, Science World, and CBC offices.

The group that distributed the slogan-covered steam clock photo said it drew a message to remind us of what is called the BC government’s “broken promise” regarding logging.

Constant Tania Vicintin said in a statement that Vancouver police were “investigating steam clock mischief.”

Save Old Growth said its actions were in line with Overshoot Day, which was designed to mark the date when humanity exhausted all the biological resources that the Earth can regenerate each year.

The group, formerly behind a road blockade, said it would “escalate” such actions at the end of June and look at other tactics instead.

Those road blockages have seen dozens of people arrested and causing major traffic disruptions in Vancouver and elsewhere.

Canadian press