The privilege worksheet is now an unapproved viral

New York (AP) — Home Depot said Wednesday that the viral privilege worksheet was an unauthorized document from the company’s Canadian division.

An anonymous Twitter account with a handle of “Libs of Tik Tok” has about 600,000 followers and focuses on ridiculing liberals, posting a photo of a worksheet titled “Unpacking Privilege” and domestically. The largest home improvement retailer has declared “awakened”.

Privileges of various types are arranged in the worksheet, from social privilege and white privilege to heterosexual privilege.

“While the university is growing, if it was your expectation, not a dream, you have class privileges,” he said. It defined racial prejudice as a series of discriminatory or derogatory attitudes based on assumptions that came from perceptions of race / skin color.

Some Twitter declared that they wouldn’t shop at an Atlanta-based retail store, but others supported the worksheet message.

The Home Depot has issued a statement that although it supports the company’s diversity, the worksheets have not been created or approved by the company’s diversity, equity and inclusion departments.

“This was a resource for the Canadian division and was not part of the programming required,” the company said.