The problem is not the homeless inhabitants of Venice.LA leader like Mike Bonin

California, California --- April 16, 2021 --- On April 16, 2021, a bicycle passes through several homeless tents along the bike path in Venice.  (Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)

A homeless tent is adjacent to the bike path on the beach in Venice. (Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: The situation of the inhabitants of Venice has much in common with many people here in Marina del Rey. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that we are all represented by Los Angeles City Council member Mike Bonin. (“Their Venetian home feels dangerous.They blame civil servants, not homeless Angelenos, “Column, June 5th)

On some roads, the RV stays in the same space for extended periods of time. A “merchant” offers goods without taxes or receipts. Things are spilling on the road and blocking the sidewalk.

Nothing has been done about this. Residents of our gated complex worked hard for a long time, paid taxes and obeyed the law, but were unable to walk their blocks. Why does Bonin happily place the homeless in a prime location when my adult children working for a living can’t afford a home or condo with a view of the sea?

please think about it. More homeless people can be accommodated on another land in LA County for a small fee. Is it too logical? I think so.

I have a deep respect for the homeless. Many of them are in an intolerable situation, even though it is not their fault. However, we, who have spent our lives so hard to spend the “golden age” in peace, are in an unbearable situation. Bonin abandoned us and helped create disorder.

Judy Jim Rings Pomeranz, Marina del Rey


To the editor: Steve Lopez’s column of growing frustration with the homeless problem among the Venetian population was hit hard.

Over the last few years, it has become increasingly difficult to manage anger and sadness as you drive around the city. My old mother, who still lives in Venice, was a strong advocate for the homeless, but it was painful to see the situation worsen. Now it breaks mine.

It was my mother who taught me that I was “homeless” instead of “homeless.” They are people.

The homeless, a complex problem at so many levels, is now out of control. We need smart, competent, and powerful people to focus and solve problems. So far, those chosen in Los Angeles have been miserable.

Liz Quinone, Culver City


To the editor: Recently, I met two healthy homeless men again in the back alley of Venice, where I live. One was in his thirties and was from Seattle. The other was from Chicago and was in his 40s.

They said they were drawn to the area to share their common dream of living near the beach. City leaders may set up temporary housing near the beach, as such people speak of government incompetence.

Michael Ryan, Venice

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