The proceedings allege that a Kentucky adjutant forced a woman to have sex in the judge’s room instead of a fee.

Louisville, Kentucky — A Kentucky woman told her in a federal proceeding that a Deputy Sheriff in Letcher County would “get favorable treatment for sexual favor” if she couldn’t afford to imprison her at home. ..

Sabrina Adkins met her in the district court’s room late last night in a proceeding filed in the U.S. District Court on Monday, forcing unwanted kisses, oral sex, and sexual intercourse. Said.

“The plaintiff was forced and forced to follow Defendant Fields’ progress,” he said, “because he couldn’t afford to pay for his position, power, and ankle monitor and didn’t want to return to Letcher County Jail.” Says.

Fields wasn’t working on Monday and didn’t respond to the message left at the sheriff’s office. Fields has not been charged with criminal charges and has not been disciplined in connection with the allegations.

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In an interview, Sheriff Mickey Staines of Letcher County, who was appointed as a defendant in the proceedings for not properly training Fields, said Fields was a veteran’s agent and was not the subject of previous complaints.

The proceedings state that the abuse took place in the room of Judge Kevin Malins, but did not say he knew it or claimed he was involved in the misconduct. Mullins did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

Stines, who said he had learned of the proceedings from a reporter, said Adkins was charged with fleeing on January 26. She was charged with possession of controlled substances last year.

In a proceeding filed by Bethany Baxter of Lexington and Ned Pilersdorf of Prestonberg, Adkins was released from Letcher County Prison on June 2, last year, and Field was appointed to her home inmate and her cigarette. He says he visited her to bring her. And comfort her.

She says she told him she didn’t have the money to buy an ankle bracelet and was afraid to go back to jail.

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The proceedings state that Fields made “frivolous comments” about her appearance and told her she was confident that she could “solve something.”

In late June, according to the proceedings, he asked her to see the court after dark and took her to the judge’s room, saying there was no camera there.

He reportedly took off her ankle bracelet and told her that she didn’t have to pay her, but could stay in prison at home.

Between late June and December, Fields allegedly met her about six times at night or early in the morning, where she was sexually abused. The proceedings say he will put on her bracelet before appearing in court.

She reported that a particular unnamed person in the courthouse had improper contact with her, and after providing a text message to prove it, she was in a condition of home confinement to punish her. He said he complained of non-compliance. To protect his reputation. “

Pillarsdorf said her lawyer has the text. He refused to share them with the Courier Journal.

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The proceedings allege that “there are other women who Fields has abused as well, based on information and beliefs.”

Sheriff Stines also states that he did not “reasonably respond” to reports and allegations.

The proceedings seek compensatory and punitive damages for assault, assault, and infringement of her constitutional rights.

This article was originally published in the Louisville Courier Journal: A Kentucky woman says her lieutenant forced sex in the judge’s room