The public road mileage in the Waymo self-driving test has exceeded the 20 million miles mark




Waymo conducted an external test on the test results achieved by its self-driving cars a few days agoShare. According to the official introduction, the current vehicle adopts a system that integrates LiDAR, radar and camera, which can track various states of the vehicle under any weather conditions. When in operation, the system generates a 3D view of the car’s surroundings that humans can understand. In addition to vehicles and cyclists close to each other, it can also render images of pedestrians.

It is said that Waymo Driver can currently recognize small objects and movements within a certain distance, such as a truck door in a traffic flow or a courier who jumps out of the car for a short time. In addition, the system can recognize the water jets from public water pipes and pass them normally, and can distinguish the difference between a stop sign and its reflection. Since testing began in San Francisco in 2009, Waymo vehicles have measured more than 100,000 miles per week in the local area. The combined mileage of public roads in all regions has exceeded the 20 million miles mark, and the test distance in the virtual environment has exceeded 20 billion miles.

It is worth mentioning that Waymo also stated that its AI system will adapt to the local environment according to the region and imitate the driving habits of locals. Taking San Francisco as an example, the speed of the test car will slow down relatively when driving uphill. In addition to ordinary vehicles, Waymo has also invested a lot of resources in the self-driving truck business. On Wednesday, they just announced that they would cooperate with Ryder to build a new truck center in Dallas.