The “rare” appearance of mountain lions in Texas National Park raises a mystery

The “unusual” appearance of a mountain lion in Texas National Park has created a mystery: where did it come from?

Mountain lions themselves are not uncommon Guadalupe Mountains National Park.. They go almost everywhere you can find the mule deer, one of the most common animals in Far West Park, Texas.

But this particular Mountain lion What was recently discovered on a trail camera was wearing a collar.

Why is it strange? The park says it has never worn a cat as a collar since the 1980s.

“The mountain lion in this collar must have flowed into the park from somewhere,” the park posted on Facebook. “Unusually, it’s exciting to see this individual collar, because it reflects the vast roving and range behavior of mountain lions.”

Mountain lion, also known as Cougar According to the National Wildlife Federation, Puma needs vast habitats to survive. Turnips stay with their mothers for up to 26 months, but usually leave early to find their territory, says wildlife groups.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park shared a photo of a mountain lion in the hope of knowing who wore a cat.

“This isn’t our cat, so we wanted to share the image to help those who are doing research, finding and watching kittens,” Park posted. “We contacted a local researcher to identify the cat and its collar, but had no luck.”

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