The recalled San Francisco Board of Education president blames the “white supremacist” for her loss

Progressive San Francisco Board of Education President recall According to voters earlier this week, her expulsion was the “result” of fighting for racial justice and represented the victory of the “white supremacist.”

“So if you fight for racial justice, this is the result.” Board Chairman Gabriella Lopez wrote in a tweet Thursday. “Don’t get me wrong, white supremacists enjoy this, and recall support is in line with this.”

Over 70% of voters chose to recall Lopez and two other progressive board members, Alison Collins and Fauga Moriga. This trio was the only board member of the seven board members to be recalled.

L√≥pez shared a screenshot Washington post article About title recall “San Francisco recalls members of the school board who were considered too focused on racial justice.”

The article’s subheading added, “In the warning on the left, critics saw a misguided priority as the board focused on the issue of impartiality while the school remained closed.” increase.

As Washington post In a tweet to Lopez, political reporter David Wiegel said that the liquor was “racially diverse, including hundreds of non-citizen migrants who were eligible to participate.”

The recall was the result of a year-long effort to reform the board, and critics said it prioritized the politics of social justice over making the district a shepherd through the Covid-19 pandemic. Parents were concerned that during the pandemic, the board did not do enough to reopen the school and correct the district’s struggling finances.

The vote took place after two single parents, Siva Raj and Autumn Looijen, launched a campaign to bring back board members after refusing to reopen the city’s school last year.

Especially frustrating for recall organizers is the time it takes for the board to rename 44 schools named after prominent Americans, including President Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, during a pandemic. It was to direct energy. I’m considering a nearly $ 1 million proposal to paint an 80-year-old mural at a local school. Shows life in Washington, but contains outdated stereotypes.

The district’s budget deficit surged to about $ 125 million last year, and the California Department of Education has sent experts to help the Board of Education plan to revise its finances.

A notorious moment in board history came in February last year when a two-hour debate took place on whether all gay white fathers were diverse enough to join the parent committee of female volunteers. visited.

Meanwhile, Collins was stripped of the Commission’s duties and Vice President’s title in March 2021 after the recall organizers discovered some. Anti-Asian tweets She accused the Asian-American community of not speaking enough to Donald Trump in 2016.

The Mayor of London Breed must appoint three members in place of the recalled members.

“Voters in this city delivered a clear message that the school board must focus on the essence of providing a well-run school system above all else,” Bleed said in a prepared statement. Said. “San Francisco is a city that believes in the value of big ideas, but those ideas must be built on a government foundation that does its essence well.”

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