The relationship between the new Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority has changed significantly

Relations between the new Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority have changed significantly in recent weeks, and Israeli authorities have even called it the “Renaissance.”

Important reason: During Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12-year term, relations deteriorated and there was little contact other than security adjustments.

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State of play: Last month, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas made four phone calls with senior Israeli officials. Two calls with President Isaac Herzog, one with Defense Minister Benny Gantz, and another with Public Security Minister Omer Bar Lev.

  • Abbas last spoke with the Israeli minister in July 2017 when Netanyahu called him about the crisis at Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

  • A meeting was held on Wednesday between Palestinian and Israeli Ministers of Health and Environmental Protection, the first meeting in several years.

News promotion: The Israeli government also announced on Wednesday that it had agreed to a request by the Palestinian Authority that Palestinians would issue 15,000 new permits to work in Israel.

Line spacing: One of the reasons for the shift is the participation of leftist parties in the coalition. Palestinian Israeli Minister of Regional Cooperation Isawi Frey is the driving force behind it.

  • Right-wing hardliner Bennett has not spoken to Abbas himself, but has not opposed the renewal of the dialogue.

  • He supports cooperation with the PA on economic and private issues, but opposes new political negotiations.

What they are saying:

  • “The political hierarchy shows much more interest in moving things forward with Palestinians, and after many years it is legal again to talk to Abbas,” deals with the Israeli-Palestinian relationship. Israeli officials told me.

  • Palestinian Minister of Civil Affairs Hussein Al Sheikh interview In last week’s media line, he hopes the new Israeli government will change the mood and restore trust between Palestinians and Israelis.

  • “My personal opinion is that in the future it cannot be worse than the period of Netanyahu’s rule in Israel,” he said.

What’s next: Israeli officials say the government is negotiating a package of confidence-building measures to improve the mood and support the Pascal economy amid a serious economic crisis in PA.

  • Yes, but: Israel is expected to deduct $ 30 million from the tax revenues it collects on behalf of Palestinians for the benefits paid by the PA to Palestinian prisoners convicted of a terrorist attack on Israel.

  • The government is obliged to do so by Israeli law, and this measure could hinder progress in recent weeks.

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