The relationship between William Barr and Trump “doesn’t exist,” Anderson Cooper said.

If Donald Trump We are seeking help during this time of the January 6, 2021 investigation, which is being strengthened. Attack on the US Capitol, He can no longer count on his former Attorney General, a New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman I warned on Monday.

Asked about the remaining loyalty William barr Harborman told Anderson Cooper on CNN: Their relationship does not exist. “

One of the groups that the former Attorney General is involved with is the House Election Commission, which investigates the riots in the Houses of Parliament.The bar has been Cooperation with probe..

Barrman said he had “front row seats” in the White House and Trump prior to the attack on Congress and is likely to have valuable information to share. She added that it was also important for him to “speak voluntarily” to the members of the committee.

Journalists said things were awkward between Barr and the former president.

“There was something they agreed to, but there were some things they didn’t agree with over time. It frankly started long before the election day,” Harborman added. rice field.

Barr, who blew up the inaction of the former president during the riots, “is very clear about where he stands in Trump,” Harborman said. “As we know, that’s not what the former president is doing very well.”

ABC News’ Jonathan KarlInterviewing Bar for his book “Betrayal,” he called him the former “Ultimate Trump Loyalist.” It makes his “potential testimony” even more “stronger,” Karl warned.

He said Barr had carefully examined all claims of the 2020 presidential election scam and told him that they were “all BS”.

Trump, who was pushing for a “stolen election” strategy, was furious at Bar’s conclusions. “Trump believed that Bill Barr should be his loyal lawyer, his personal lawyer,” Karl said. “He hopes Barr will use the power of the Justice Department to not only declare that there was a fraud, but also to help his efforts to put pressure on the states in conflict to overturn the election results. did.”

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