The remains found in the countryside of Iowa are a missing girl, 10

Iowa City, Iowa (AP) — A human body found in the countryside of eastern Iowa was identified as a 10-year-old girl who has been missing since last summer, police said Wednesday.

Paul Sikorsky, police chief of Davenport, said the body belonged to Davenport’s girl Blaircia Terrell, who had been extensively investigated and investigated after her disappearance on July 10.

Sikorsky said the news was tragic to her family and community, turning the investigation from a missing child into a murder.

Fishermen found Blairsia’s body earlier this month in Dewitt, a countryside in Clinton County. Authorities said last week they were working to identify them.

According to the FBI, she was last seen in a Davenport apartment complex early on July 10. There she was spending the night with her half-brother and her father Henry Dinkins.

Police have not arrested the girl in connection with her disappearance, but have labeled an interested person, Dinkins, 47.

Dinkins, who was convicted of sex crimes at the age of 17 in 1990, was charged with violating the sex offender registration requirements for failing to renew his address and contacting a minor. A judge in December determined that he had violated the conditions for parole and ordered him to remain imprisoned.

Investigators asked someone with information about the whereabouts of Dinkins from July 9th to 10th to come forward and published photos of the maroon Chevrolet Impala and other vehicles associated with him.

The FBI provided a $ 10,000 bounty for information that could lead to the arrest of the girl’s whereabouts and the person involved in her disappearance.

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