The report claims that the Trump administration had separated immigrant families sooner than it happened.

Donald Trump will leave after attending a roundtable on border security at Yuma Station, Arizona's Border Guard on June 23, 2020.  (Reuters)

Donald Trump will leave after attending a roundtable on border security at Yuma Station, Arizona’s Border Guard on June 23, 2020. (Reuters)

The report states that the Trump administration had separated migrant families months earlier than previously realized.

The separation was along the desolate part of the US-Mexico border as part of a program revealed as the Biden administration was reviewing government data. Washington post report.

The Border Guard has begun enacting a protocol following the “Criminal Results Initiative” held in Yuma, Arizona in May 2017.

The program has made it possible for the first time to prosecute cross-border immigrants, including parents who were separated from their children when they entered the United States.

In some cases, a Justice Department lawyer cited the Criminal Results Initiative program in court while indicting immigrant parents. Border guard agents used the program as a justification for separating families. post.

According to recently released data from the Department of Homeland Security, 234 families were separated between July 1st and December 21st, 2017.

However, the US Customs and Border Protection could not confirm in a statement that the Criminal Results Initiative program led to the separation.

“The Border Guard’s Yuma Sector has implemented an indictment initiative since May 2017,” the agency said. “But the border guard has taken the Yumasector prosecution initiative, DHS Family Reunification Progress Report.

However, the number of separated families is probably higher, as the program in Yuma began in May and data on family separations began in July. This is what the Biden administration is investigating.

Some of the families who separated in Yuma four years ago have not yet reunited. Some parents have gone missing after being deported alone. According to government data, some of the children who left their parents in Yuma were 10 months old.

The Trump administration’s official “zero tolerance” policy was only implemented from April to June 2018, but some borders revealed that family separation began almost a year earlier. became.

According to the DHS, more than 5,600 families were separated between mid-2017 and mid-2018. Parents from at least 22 countries and 5 continents were separated from their children. Many came from Central America, but also from Congo, Kyrgyzstan and Hungary.

Data from Yuma The Biden administration was identified as trying to reunify the torn family. The geographical extent of the family’s separation is much wider than previously recognized.

The family separation policy ended in June 2018 following a court order. Despite three internal reports and several parliamentary hearings, data from Yuma was not revealed until last month.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the time called for the first indictment of a border crosser.

Nora Nunez, a public defender of Yuma County, defended many separated parents and remembers that it was “quite scary.”

“It was a very rapid and dramatic increase,” she said. Position Around May 2017.

After the program began, border guard arrest documents revealed that parents needed to be separated from their children so that they could be prosecuted.

“Suddenly I got a lot of them, often several times a day,” Nunez said. “My idea was that it was probably a test run.”

Those working on family reunions were surprised that their families came from different parts of the world.

According to the DHS, they came from more promising countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, but Angola, Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Colombia, Congo, Ecuador, Hungary, India, Ireland, Kyrgyzstan and Nicaragua. Also from Nigeria, Peru, Romania, Russia, Uzbekistan, Venezuela.

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