The rest of the collapsed surfside condo will be demolished. What are the pets left behind?

To escape the collapse of Sunrise, Champlain Towers South, Florida, some residents had to do something they never imagined they would do — leaving their pets behind.

And now the rest of the building in the apartment Demolition by Controlled Demolitions, Inc., Residents are worried about their pets.

“Many of the communities have raised this concern,” said Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava. “I want to make it clear that search and rescue has done three separate searches, primary, secondary and tertiary. And they didn’t find any animals. They wiped out with a camera this morning, but at the moment I was informed that the animal was not found. “

In the first few hours after the collapse, firefighters took out a family dog, Rigatoni, on the fourth floor with his mother and daughter on June 24th.When someone sees the cat Coco on the balcony, the firefighter uses a cherry picker Leave food and water on the balcony..

But when it comes to continuing a deeper survey of pets, the same instability that requires the rest of the South Tower to be demolished makes hunting pets on the ground unrealistic.

“I also contacted the contractor and provided me with a place for the animals that could be inside the building,” Levine Kava said. “They are aware of and doing everything they could do just to do an additional search. But I can’t get them into those units, so they do it in the field. I would like to make it very clear that I will not.

“It is not safe for everyone to go over the ground floor.”

Levine Cava said that as pet owners, they understand that many consider their pets to be a family.

“I just want you to know that additional efforts have been made and are being made.”

Surfside Mayor Charles Barkett said he had heard directly about pet concerns and knew that Levine Cava had submitted several emails about pets.

“Her compassion for the subject is highly appreciated,” Barckett said. “Maybe some people aren’t so focused, but she’s focused on the details, which is why she’s a great mayor.”

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