The ring doorbell video shows a UPS driver collapsing in the extreme heat of Arizona.


Arizona homeowners share a video of a UPS driver lying down in front of a door to warn people to stay safe in the extreme heat the state has experienced for over a month. I am.

A ring video shared by Brian Enriquez, who lives in Scottsdale, shows a deliveryman slowly walking to the front door. When I bent over to put my luggage down, the deliveryman landed in a sitting position and sat down a little before lying down on the porch.

Next, the driver stands up, rings the doorbell, and then staggers.

Enriquez was at work and didn’t watch the video until the driver was gone. “I was worried about the fact that he was stumbling on the door,” Enriquez told NBC affiliates. KPNX Of the mesa. “If I had answered the phone earlier, I could have talked to him through the ring, but he was already out of the property at that point.”

Enriques called the police and the UPS to let them know what had happened.

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UPS said in a statement that employees were “healthy.”

“UPS drivers are trained in outdoor work and the effects of heat. Employees used the training to recognize their situation and contact the manager for help. The manager immediately. Provided support to. “

“Our delivery vehicles stop frequently, which disables air conditioning,” the statement added.

2019, A NBC News survey revealed that more than 100 UPS employees were hospitalized for serious heat-related injuries between 2015 and 2018...

Sixteen UPS employees at the time told NBC News that they were suffering from a fever-related illness, and The company has a protocol on fever, but some managers recommend that workers continue even when they are ill...

The highest temperature in Scottsdale on Thursday was 110 degrees Celsius. Temperatures have skyrocketed over 100 almost every day for over a month.

Last year, Maricopa County suffered the highest number of heat-related deaths ever. KPNX report.