The risk of two vaccinated people catching Covid from an indoor meeting is “small”

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Scientists have calculated that the risk of getting Covid when two vaccinated people meet indoors is “small,” and one in 400,000 people can get the infection.

Last week, Boris Johnson warned that people should not be allowed to bring others home, even if both were vaccinated.

“The vaccine does not give 100 percent protection, so we need to be careful,” said the Prime Minister.

However, Professor Tim Specter of King’s College London calculates that the risk of developing a symptomatological infection is about one in 400,000 of two vaccinated people. this is, AstraZeneca jabs cause blood clots.

Professor Spector, Principal Scientist of the ZOE Covid Symptom Study App and Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s, now has a 1 in 1,400 risk of “hit someone” with symptomatic Covid, making people more “relaxed.” He said he should feel that he is doing it. If they were vaccinated.

Latest UK Vaccine Numbers: Number of Deployments

Latest UK Vaccine Numbers: Number of Deployments

In a YouTube status update video, Professor Specter said: The Prime Minister recently said: Two people who were completely vaccinated It wasn’t 100% safe, so you really shouldn’t meet. “

“I would like to give it some context. It all depends on the amount of virus in the country, and currently the percentage of people who are fully vaccinated is 1 in 1,400 and we Data and study data suggest that they are one-twentieth of the normal risk, which means that their risk is about 1 in 28,000.

“So if you meet people with similar low risk, you are very unlikely to give each other.

“So I think it’s important to put this in context, as many know that they’re still worried, still shielded, etc., and that they’re a little more relaxed than suggested. think.”

Last week, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said the Oxford vaccine was at risk of developing blood clots. 1 in 250,000, They said it was a very low risk.

Including European data, others have a coagulation risk of 1 in 100,000.

According to statisticians, the risk of 1 in 100,000 is about the same as the probability of dying from a general anesthesia or skydiving jump, or guessing the last 5 digits of someone’s cell phone correctly.

Professor Specter added: “Headline news is that the number of cases per day is less than 2,000. This is back to the actual situation in July last year.

“This is consistent with a reduction in hospitalizations and deaths, which is currently around 50 per day, which is comparable to more than 1,000 people per day dying from natural causes due to other conditions.

“Overall, it was a great week. The price has been halved. I think it’s going well and I’m looking forward to a relaxing summer. “